4theHorde, Soon to be: Grab Your Sword?!?

Heya Interwebs, Sy here with some late breaking news. We here at 4theHorde have had a change of Heart. As of this coming Monday the site may look a bit different than you are use too.

“Different? What do you mean different?”

I’m glad you asked. We are getting a little fed up with all of the Horde drama, and teenage angst we are putting up with on our current server, and all other horde side servers we have played on before. It always ends up the same 5-7 of us, and 40 preteens in our guilds. So, As of this coming Monday, we will be playing our Alliance gnome mages on the Coilfang server exclusively. The five of us have one goal in mind. An all Gnome mage arena burst team. Imagine it, a five Vs five burst team that can all mirror image into 5 other mages…..HOLY CRAP! That’s 25 mages pwning your face off!!! Imagine the Calamity!!!!!

(The row of mages fourth from the top is Slig, obviously the girl mages!)

We are looking for challengers on the Coilfang server that are Horde and think they can take us. Just look for Winkin, Thinkin, Stinkin, Squeakin, and Putty.

So, stop by on monday and tell us what you think of our new blue and gold designed blog, right here at this very site! Until then, Grab Your Sword, and Fight the Horde!!!!

From all of us at Grab Your Sword,

Fik, Nim, Slig, Pie, and Sy


8 Responses to “4theHorde, Soon to be: Grab Your Sword?!?”

  1. Nimrock Says:

    Just call me Gnomerock from now on.

  2. Gnomerock, I thought you were already named Pluto over there?

  3. I’m Squeakin!

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  5. I just don’t know what to say… how about Hooray!

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