The lowbie update March 30th

So I thought I might update the progression my little lowbies have had over the past week or so.

I consider all my characters not at 80 as my lowbies.

Cowbell- Now level 68 and Dwos and I have made it to Nagrand. Fun fact of the day: Cowbell consistently dives into water instead of riding on top of it with path of frost on. It’s probably my camera angle, but I can’t change that for something silly like this.

Zeddak- No updates, he’s still resting.

Forpaj- She is going to be my part of the Lowbie Leveling Group on Saturdays, when we can get everyone on. I am pushing her to 35 so she is caught up with them. Moved from shadow to Discipline to allow for a bit better healing for the group.

Naral- No updates, only logging on to do inscription discoveries.

Tombreaver- No updates, sad sad former ghoul here.

Ozarka- Fikkle and I got sidetracked with trying to get some gear on our 80s so we set aside the mage group for a bit. I’d like to think we’ll pick them back up a bit more once Dwos and Cowbell get to 70.

Xorak- No love this week for the shaman, last week though he started leveling on his own and gathering stuff for the switch to dual wield and mail wearing at 40.

Naciasto- Okay started leveling him again, switched to Boomkin. Learning how to play a boomkin is a big change. Give mana plz! After some slight gear upgrades and some enchanting from Forpaj, woot, mana is good. Still I have to remember to switch to cat/bear form before I am out of mana.

I’ve noticed it takes a few quick fights to get me into the swing of the character I am playing. One of my biggest adjustments is how do I handle going OOM. Sure on some characters that doesn’t matter, but both Pie and Halk have ways to combat the OOM situation. For that matter, so does Tom. Obviously pet classes have even more ways to adjust.

One last thing. Corpse Explosion is so full of win. Especially when the glyph procs. Two explosions is always better than one.


2 Responses to “The lowbie update March 30th”

  1. “One last thing. Corpse Explosion is so full of win. Especially when the glyph procs. Two explosions is always better than one.”

    This is all win. Accept when it’s my corpse exploding….I believe Nim is working on the write up of our tournament realm happenings. I get exploded…. and ate up.


  2. I’m totally contemplating working on lowbie hunters because I miss leveling them.
    I don’t need more hunters at 80, I just like the idea of doing it all again.

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