Not Another 3.1 Patch Note Post…

Yes, that’s right. This is not another, “hey guys, here’s the patch notes and my 2gold’s worth of thought on each item.” Instead, I wanted to take a minute to hear from you, the 4theHorde Readers. What is it you are most looking forward to in the coming 3.1 patch? Is it the sought after duel spec? The changes in some random class mechanic? Swimming mounts? Ulduar? Noblegarden? A PVP change? There are so many things coming in 3.1 that will be game changers. This is awesome, it keeps the game fresh, and fresh is what we are all about here at 4theHorde! In fact, take a look at a candid shot of the crew just a few weeks ago…

mmmmmm, smexy…..Okay, so maybe that’s not us from 4theHorde, but still you gotta admit, those guys are fresh!

So, let us know what you are looking forward too, and who knows maybe it will go live tomorrow, and that would be all right with me!

~Uncle Sy


15 Responses to “Not Another 3.1 Patch Note Post…”

  1. Here’s my mount obsessed favorite item of 3.1. It will increase my total to 62!
    Three new mounts are available from Horde mount vendors, equalizing the number of purchasable normal and epic mounts: the Black Wolf, the White Kodo, and the Black Skeletal Horse (in Orgrimmar, Bloodhoof Village, and Brill respectively).


  2. Okay so where’s Slig in that pic?

    I realize she’s a woman and perhaps a lady and all, but she’s not represented in the pic?

    Seriously we got the crazy Canuck to come down for the photo and we couldn’t get the Game Dame?

    Okay on to the questions.

    Dual Spec (please note spelling of dual) for the pally and hunter…perhaps. It will make leveling my warrior some easier if I can switch from Prot to Arms or something depending on need.

    The pet remote stable will be nice, something I can be out farming and get invited to instance or something and switch to another pet.

    On my DK, the mount swimming will be nice. As Fikkle can testify, I phail at path of frost and not diving into a body of water.

  3. Okay, on the pic, slig is there….. She’s wearing the tank top. Fik didn’t make it down from Canadialand, something about not enough snow here. (Sorry Sliggy, I had to do it!)

    Dual is definatly spelled wrong….piece of crap spell check didn’t catch it….

    remote stable will rock.

    swimming mounts rock…but is it going to be at a slower rate? Just curious.

  4. Duel is spelled right, it’s just the wrong word. Sadly you see it so much in duel wield or whatever that it’s hard to remember which spelling to use.

  5. Okay, just spelled wrong for what I wanted…with all of this commentary on one word, I’ll leave it, or end up confusing future comenters! wait…that might just be you and me,lol!

  6. Hey, what if he meant “duel” as in PvP? You know he’s SO GOOD AT PVP WE DON’T NO NUBS! Or was that murlocs?

    All I can say about “my” picture is that at least I got a trophy instead of a chicken.

  7. I’m all good at getting murloc’s, NOT pvp,lol, just look at my arena record!

  8. And yes, congrats on your trophy sliggy!

  9. What’s the trophy for?

  10. Newest Blog Member? Prettiest in Picture?

  11. Wow. “Prettiest” in THAT picture is a very tough call. I believe that’s, uh, Nim? with me who also has a trophy. It’s obvious that we won the fashion contest, you nubs.

    The scariest part is that the crate says “Solana Beach” which isn’t too far from where I grew up in Florida. I’m scared that these guys might be related to me.

  12. You guys are a bunch of goofballs…. Man I love my guildies.


  13. I guess that means I am sittin in the chair with my fabooo chest hair exposed for all the “ladies”

  14. Yes Pie. You have “fabooo” chesthair……. Now I will go throw up, excuse me.

  15. […] my humble opinion of the patch notes […]

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