For The Horde Turns 1!!!1!

Ding! For The Horde is now officially one year old!

And what a crazy strange year its been.  I’ve been looking over the blog stats for the last year.  This is where we sit:

Total Posts: 274 Posts

Total Comments: 889 Comments

Total Views: 44, 858

Top 3 Posts:

1. Grim News at 2,022 views

2. Mage Leveling… What to do? at 1,905 views

3. Aspect of the Dragonhawk: A Twofer at 1,682 views

Busiest Day: Monday, April 21, 2008 (which is the day BRK linked to the Grim News post)

Over the course of that year, Sy after only a few days, and Nim, Pie and Slig not too long ago have all joined the blog and are excellent contributors.  We’ve seen many patches and an expansion get released.  We’ve picked up a few new guildies.  And it’s been an awesome ride.   On behalf of all five of us here, thank you all for coming to read the ramblings we put out there.  Thank you for the comments and the criticisms, and please, keep on coming back.


— Fikkle

Lok’tar Ogar!  For the Horde!


5 Responses to “For The Horde Turns 1!!!1!”

  1. Congratulations, Fikkle!

  2. WOW, that means in a few days it will be MY one year with the blog! It’s been a strange and wonderful trip! I’m really looking forward to what year two holds for 4theHorde!

  3. Also, I’m still so excited and stoked that one year ago you actually got the blogname 4thehorde! WOW, That befudles the mind!

  4. […] finally, the standard blog anniversary […]

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