Yes, Slig is a chick

Or rather, a Dame, if you want to be nit-picky about it. Yes, I’m the fifth blogger. Not to be confused with The 6th Day (a truly awful, awful film) or The Seventh Sign (I’m sure it’s just as awful but I haven’t seen it). And CERTAINLY not to be confused with 8 Mile… or even The Green Mile (actually, a fine film). It’s like I’m Northwestern in the Big 10. (It goes to 11!)

Okay, where was I? Oh, right. Fifth blogger. Yes. I begged and finagled my way into Fikkle’s blog. He’s a kind soul, so he agreed to let me babble here. Not like I don’t have enough babbling going on, what with Teh Twitter and other interweb whatnots.

Wait. Can I just say something? Other than my freelance writing gigs, I’ve never written for anyone else’s blog but my own. It feels weird. Like I’m trying on someone else’s swimsuit. Or using my husband’s toothbrush. Or, ((gasp)), like I’m playing Alliance. I’ll probably have to shower afterwards.

These guys are awesome and hilarious, but let’s be honest, it’s nice to be able to add a little estrogen to this blog. Just a little. (I really shouldn’t spare much anyway.) Which begs the question: how did I get into this mess in the first place? Well, I blame the confluence of two mighty forces: the Twisted Nether Blogcast and Outland Bound’s anti-pug Pox Arcanum experiment. I appeared on the former, which Fikkle heard, and joined the latter as Abuto, the intellect-not-as-sharp-as-her-daggers rogue, which Fikkle had also been a part of.  On the podcast I mentioned that Slig needed a guild where a “flakey shaman” would be accepted and Fikkle, recognizing my goofiness and having his own love for shamans invited me to join his guild. The rest is Canadian and Kansas…ian history — with a bit of California “dude” thrown in for spice and time zone conflicts. The truth is, I couldn’t be happier. This is the first guild I’ve actually felt I belonged in, who would accept me with all my flaws, and at the same time appreciate my humor and alt-itis.

So, above you can see a picture of Slig and check out his armory stats here. My other two main alts (is that an oxymoron?) are Solareclipse, a 77 Tauren Death Knight, and Xarissa, a 34 Undead Rogue.


Moo! With requisite Death Knight voice echoey reverb, I guess it’s more like MOOooooOOOoooo!


Don’t ask me  how to pronounce “Xarissa.” You make up your own pronunciation and, heck, you just run with it, ‘kay?

Of course I have about a jillion other alts sprinkled around on 5-6 servers, but I haven’t played them much lately. Dawnbringer and Ashes of Tirisfal have been good to me. I’m happy to be here, guys!


8 Responses to “Yes, Slig is a chick”

  1. Glad to hear things is going well for ya!

  2. Hey dude.

  3. LoL, will be interesting to hear from a female pov I suppose but somehow I doubt that will change the amount of fun you guys obviously have in wow =)

  4. Wait, didn’t we add pie for some estrogen? BURN!!!! Just playin Pie!!!! Back on topic, So Glad you are aboard Slig!

  5. Geez you get around… though I can’t think of a better place for you to land…

  6. @ HP – Ya, it won’t. That’s what wow is about for us. Having fun, goofing off, making fun of each other and pwning mobs when we have the spare time. 😀


  7. Always good to see people from Dawnbringer!

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