What’s in your wal…err reader?

As many of you fine readers know, we here at 4tH(now with more Slig) are card carrying members of the Players of Lots of Toons (PoLoT~pronounced poolot). As you can see over there —–> We have a blogroll. That blogroll is for Fikkle’s amusement, and linkage until his worked blocked the blog (cue nelson laugh).

I used to have a list of blogs and websites in my history that I went to multiple times a day to check out. Then I discovered the Feed Reader. I personally use Google, because the guildmates communicate through either Google email/chat or Google groups. Much bashing of Old Man Sy or OM is done there and in guild chat, when he’s on. Oh who am I kidding, we bash him when he’s not on too.

I interrupt this post to inform you that the poking fun at folks occurs pretty much to everyone. We aren’t mean, we just give each other a hard time. Last night we took another guildy through Heroic UK for the first time and over vent Nim says, “Hey watch this corner, this is where Pie likes to walk into the group and die.” Yes, I did, in fact, walk into one of the groups at the top of the stairs while looking through Atlas Loot and got roflstomped to start the pull. Not last night, but not long ago either. Hrm, I think I owe 5 gold to the TardJar still….

So back to the point of this post. I’d like to cover some of the blogs I read through my reader. Some of which are blocked at work, so I hate when they don’t send the entire post through the reader (looking at you WOWInsider).

DRUID Blogs:

Restokin: Yes, she got some serious love from the WI yesterday and her site blew up. But I don’t read it for just the resto drood info. She has the awesome leveling guides for all the specs. I don’t hold it against her that she’s a Nelf Druid.

Gray Matter: Also an ally drood. WTF? where are you Horde Druids! Again leveling guides and what talents not to take, plus some theorycraft.

4 Haelz: Trees! Resto healing for the win. Plus a gnome warrior? I will say the DK story she posted was awesome with awesome sauce on the side. Creepy!

Hunter Blogs:

BRK, nuff said

Lienna’s Log: Survival hunter in a smexy Belf package and a great accent to boot! She is where I go when I want to learn what’s happening in survival land. Which is the only other spec in hunterdom that I will spec to.

Mage Blogs:

Critical QQ: One stop shop for all things mage. Between Euripedes and Fikkle, I can get all my mage questions answered pretty quickly. Love, love the talent builds for all specs and the Don’t touch that talent parts.


Okay I admit I don’t have any pally blogs in my reader. I still look at Blessing of Kings and use his Raider101 wiki all the time (blocked at work though). I have retpaladin.com saved as one of my favorites for the forums and the guides they have, also blocked at work.

I usually talk to Nim about warrior things and several people in the guild are shamans. I used to raid with a guild and the guild leader is an enhance shaman. Check out his blog.

This is by no means the best blogroll and I am sure I’ve missed some great ones. In fact I am always looking for great blogs to follow for more knowledge. When I was hunter class lead I told the other leads that while I could understand the theorycraft of the EJ, I tended to be better at explaining the principles that theorycraft lead to. I tend to read blogs that give you some theory but then give you the principles that theory supports.

Feel free to point me to other blogs in the comments. Knowledge is power and as some have said, Knowing is half the Battle!

Go Joe!


One Response to “What’s in your wal…err reader?”

  1. Ooh, sounds like we’re in the same boat – I use Google reader to get past the work filters and wince everytime I subscribe to a feed and find it shortened.

    Anyway, here are a few blogs I read that either have really helpful information or probably would if I knew anything about the class they’re about.

    • DK – Skeleton Jack – http://www.skeletonjack.com/
    • Druid – Restokin – http://restokin.com/ (Another one with the short feeds but since the info is so good I read it at home.)
    • Druid – Etaiu’s Leatherbelly Tank Blog – http://etaiu.blogspot.com
    • Warlock – Mystic Chicanery – http://chicanery.fibergeek.com/
    • Paladin – Banana Shoulders – http://www.bananashoulders.com

    And uh… I probably have another 200 subscribed blogs of which I could recommend 10-20. But those are the ones that pop to mind.

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