Sometimes email might as well be guild chat

SUBJECT: Nexus Tonight

Fikkle: Okay, so me Nim and sy are going to be doing arenas on the tournament realm later tonight around 9ish, so I just wanted to see who was going to be around for the standard nexus run.  Since Slig hasn’t been able to get in over the last couple of days, I’m willing to tank with Juris to get her through fairly quickly and then if we want to get a second run going with Nim tanking, I’ll be there to heal. Just wondering what a good time for Slig is.  Let me know. By the way, great posts guys, glad to see some new stuff up over the last couple of days

Slig: I can be on by 6 server time.

Fikkle: Sounds good, I’ll be ready and Pie will also likely be available (I am the boss of him).  If we need to pick up a few PUGs for dps we can.

Nim: i’ll be around but i’m not really itching to run anything unless i’m needed, artoo and renfield need some levelling love.

Pie: Fikkle you are not the boss of me!  But I do need some upgrades for Pie and some emblems for the Halk. I also has characters that need leveling love too.

Just give up this arena thing, you don’t no stupid murloc!

Fikkle: “You don’t no stupid murloc!”  — Did you hire OM(*) Sy as your secretary?

Slig: “You don’t no stupid murloc!” Is this like “You don’t know Jack”? I’m lost…

Pie: English sometimes phails me….or I phail it.  One way or the other. Truthfully I was going to take a shot at one of you three goofs about your lack of PvP skills but realized you all could probably kick my butt in PvP…. 

So I picked on the murloc.

And got roflstomped.

Fikkle: Lol… for sure. Btw, You don’t know Jack was a great game when it first came out.  As for our pvp skills… Well lets just say the only time I’ve ever had an arena rating at 1500 is when we’ve started a new team… so ya…


oh, sorry, been on the forums too much lately…

Fikkle: We all need to be in game together more often… guild chat is going to be epic tonight!  Although, I think its pretty hilarious that Sy is going to have about 30 emails to read through when he gets outta class.

Pie: We still have not called for the vote on calling him OM.

(Gavel-Swinger) Nim: I vote we table the motion to a later meeting.

Fikkle: We could go with Particularly Old Sy… as the double entendre acronym is much more suiting

(Old Man) Sylus: I just caught up…18. You guys are failing me! Sent from my iPhone

Nim: I move we ammend the motion on the table to POS posthaste and with prejudice!

Fikkle: Seconded!

Nim: any discussion?

Sylus: I move YOU CAN ALL SUCK IT! Sent from my iPhone

Fikkle: nay from I

Nim: I rise to a point of order. Current discussion must be dealt with before new motions.

Fikkle: Here, here.

Pie: No discussion for me, and once this is voted on or tabled, I move we censure POS.

Slig: Rofl in Target!!! Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Pie: Anyone else see Sy right now as Achmed the Dead Terrorist?  Silence! I Keel You!!

Fikkle: Point of order, Mr. Gavel-Swinger.  Now that all parties have been heard from, we should move to a vote.

Nim: I call for a vote on the resolution to change Sylus P. Deadrogue’s name to Particularly Old Sylus.

Fikkle: Aye

Pie: Aye, But seriously his name was Sylus P. Deadrogue?

(POS) Sylus: I  Vote shinanigans! Now get off my lawn you snot-nosed brats! Sent from my iPhone

Nim: *gavel* Motion carries.

Slig: Just to prove I’m an Ornery cuss, I vote with Sy. Whippersnappers! Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Slig: Shoot. Too slow on email machine. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Nim: that’s ok slug, the vote is still

3 aye’s



(*) OM = Old Man


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