…back again…

Oh my but it’s been a while.


So anyway, I’ve not been in wow much and I’ve been in blog-land even less. However, I’m quite sure everything’s been just fine in my absence. I promise tales to astound and confuse shortly, but at the moment stacks of papers beg to be graded and committee meetings beg to be slept through. In the meantime, links!

PuG Basics from the Egotistical Priest. Don’t tell my guildies but these are the things I wish I could say to them.

Songs of Conquest from Matticus. Ask anyone I’ve ever played wow with. I love pump-up music.

Lessons from Behind the Screen from Wil Wheaton. Yeah, it’s not wow, but I’m starting a new D&D campaign (one of my excuses) and I need all the help I can get.



3 Responses to “…back again…”

  1. Dude, that pug article is getting linked to every bad pug I run! CLASSIC!!!

  2. Points taken on PuG basics article. (Very funny, btw.) Things I am guilty of (at least consciously, not sure what I’m guilty of unconsciously): a percentage of the time panicking and not running toward the tank with aggro. Putting totems too far away. Not being aggressive enough to push Need when someone else wants the item too (i.e., giving up gear too easily). I would add to her list the tard we ran into in Violet Hold the other day: Hunter who refuses to rez his pet. There should be a whole list of rules about hunters & pets regarding healing, but the main one that bugs me is if the tank is dying, then your pet is on his own — or your own. I refuse to choose your pet over the tank so heal him and rez him when necessary.

  3. @ Slig, about prioritizing who gets healed… Amen Dude!

    And @ Nim… What in particular did you want to say to us?


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