5, 4theHorde, 4theWin!

Lame Pun courtesy of Old Man Sy.

But its true, For The Horde now has a fifth blogger!  Who is it?  Well Slig of course, also known quite well ’round these here intertubez as the Game Dame.  After Nim and then Pie’s recent invitations to blog, Slig expressed an interest to post some stuff over here every now and again.  And we said welcome aboard.  Unfortunately, this means I’m officically closing all recruiting for bloggers for the site.  Even though I never opened it and wasn’t aware that it was going on.  It was.  I think five of us is exactly the right number to keep things fresh and interesting.  Plus that gives me three additional people to help with the Sylus-bashing, as if there wasn’t already enough of that on vent each and every night.  Seriously, you should hear the ‘lames’ and ‘geasers’ that erupt when he announces he’s logging off.  You’d think we actually wanted him to stay around or something… err… So ya, this is a welcome post.

Welcome Slig!



In related news, my Shaman, Brak, who is captured above has returned to the ranks of Restoration and so now me and Sliggy are rockin the heals, Horde style.  And our guild has four active Shaman players, Nim being a fifth if he ever gets around to levelling (*hint*hint*).  That there, my friends, is what is known as the forest of totems.  And I’m talking about the real wooden totems… not those crazy space totems.  And seriously, Euri totally called it.  From now on its BLOODLUST!  There shall be no mention of Heroism ever again.  Except when referring to Emblems.  Err… Wait, so ya, welcome Slig.

 Glad to have ya on board!




5 Responses to “5, 4theHorde, 4theWin!”

  1. Woot! I can finish my first post now!

  2. Welcome home Slug.

  3. Welcome! I nominated you guys for an award =)


  4. Welcome home slug, I mean Slig, I mean Dude! Wait…what was I saying??? Oh yeah, welcome to the club, now post away!

  5. […] Slig is a chick Or rather, a Dame, if you want to be nit-picky about it. Yes, I’m the fifth blogger. Not to be confused with The 6th Day (a truly awful, awful film) or The Seventh Sign […]

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