Guess Who’s Back…

Back Again!
Yes ladies and gentlemen, and Nim! Sylus returns from the real world, and will be IN GAME!?!?! this evening!!!! After a week of almost no wow time, I AM BACK! ( I was able to log in fro like less than a minute before the crappy internet connection DC’d me) So, now when I get home tonight, I can log in, tend to all of my new shiney gray armor, pay to change all of my toons back to their origional gender, beg a GM to turn my toons back into orc’s and undead from night elfs, REFIND spirit beast, and verbally assault anyone who happens onto vent!Yeah, I’m talkin to you Fik and Pie! Nim, how dare you boot me from the guild when I’m not here!!!!!! At least man up and do it while I’m here!!! Oh yeah, add to my list rejoin our guild!!!
Until I have something to write about,
~Uncle Sy


4 Responses to “Guess Who’s Back…”

  1. Oh noes. Vacation is over.

    Welcome back pal.

  2. Wubback.

  3. Wmak!


  4. Does this picture remind anyone else of the Brian Urlacher Old Spice commercial?

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