Things you can do to “friends” when they can’t log into WoW.

-Steal their goldz and shard their purplz.

-Put them in the worst possible place on the, set their hearth to that location, then delete their hearthstone.

-Give each character a gender/name change.  Hint: Name them the stupid names we ALL make fun of.

-Transfer them to a PvP server where the other faction way outnumbers your faction.

-Log into that faction and tell everyone that your friend is the best PvPer and wants to prove it by taking on everyone.

-Delete their hunters.

-Abandon their Spirit Beast.

-Dress them in a full set of grays, with Thrown weapons, if possible.

-Screenshot it all and email them the pics.

-Change their keyboard settings to the French layout.


9 Responses to “Things you can do to “friends” when they can’t log into WoW.”

  1. I guess the good news is I was already wearing a set of gray armor with thrown weapons? isn’t that good?
    PS, I can log in, but the computer I had to take is junk, and therefore NOT WORTH loging in! Although thursday night I will log in to say hi, or at least lg in long enough to check my egg….if you didnt HAXOR in and delete it…. I now know what my next post will be. 10 reaons I don’t need any enemies!

  2. Make sure the name you change the toon to is a banable offense… it will give him something to do when he gets back… or is sitting in another airport departure lounge.

  3. Number 11… Declare war on the Oracles and kill them until he’s hated…

  4. I was happily giggling away until I got to #7, which actually made me flinch. That’s horrible! 😛

  5. The email version of this is much worse. It involves making all their characters Night Elves among other things.

    I like gnome’s addition too.

    By the way, the last one happens all the time to one of us.

  6. Funny thing is he changes it to himself!

  7. Ya, ya… go ahead and make fun of my keyboard… at least once the french take over America, I’LL BE READY DAMN IT!

  8. Ready to what? You don’t even know where your push to talk key goes.


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