Fikkle Happenings

So, one of the biggest problems with having a plethora of alts, altus maximus ad infinitum, if you will, aside from never having any money, is trying to figure out what you want to get done next.  Then, when you do figure it out, everything changes and makes you have to figure it out all over again. 

There’s been some recent change-ups in the guild.  Our two holy priests left the guild, one to another server and one to a 25-man progression guild, although he still comes to our 10-mans if we have space or need a tenth.  Since then, two of our elemental Shaman have respec’d to Resto and are doing a fabulous job picking up the healy jobs.  A Protadin and another Holy Priest who left the guild a while back for a 25-man guild have come back after that guild fell apart.  This gives us our third healer, although he’s unavailable for the only night we currenlty raid (for now).  It also gives us a third tank, and one that has both gear and experience in most of the Northrend raid content.

So what does that mean for me, as the second tank (off tank) in the raid?  Well for now, I’m going to try to switch back to my Enh Shaman, Brak, and raid as dps if we have two (other) tanks available.  That also means that its time to start really focusing on Brak’s gear again.  When he originally hit 80, I kinda put him on the shelf since not enough guildies were at level to run heroics and I didn’t want to PuG nor could I find a spot in a group as dps.  Currently, Brak has two very major problems.  His hit rating is extremely low.  Its at about 5% right now, which is fine for solo’ing but not good enough for heroics or raids.  At least not to be an effective contributor to the group.  His weapons are abysmal as well.  He is currently running around with the 1-H Mace from the Ring of Blood in Zul’Drak in his main hand and some random green that I found in his off hand.  Each of their dps is fairly low, around 110/100, which just isn’t enough to cut it if I want to compete.

A while back, right after I got back into the game after the holidays, I did a Sarth run with a guild Sy had made friends with.  He sent me a whisper after letting me know that my dps was the lowest, just above the tank, and that I might want to figure out what’s wrong with it.  He of course topped the meters, which is awesome.  But since then, I’ve had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind whenever I go to run anything that I’m just not cutting it as a dps class because my gear is terrible.  So I’ve needed to look into a few things to find upgrades.  Currently, I finally started working on his SoH rep for his shoulder enchant, and I’ll also need to work on his Ebon Blade rep for his head enchant.  Those will probably take about a week each to hit the required levels.  But that does nothing to alleviate either my weapon or hit problem.

SoH also has a 1-H Axe that has about 30 more dps on it than either of my two weapons.  I need revered to get it though, which seems like its going to take forever, but will likely be done soon.  Since they aren’t uniqe, I’ll be dual wielding them until I can find something better.  There’s no hit on them though.  Heroic Violet Hold, however, does have a 1-H Axe with hit on it, called The Key.  It’s also not unique.  The problem with that place is that it sucks and we haven’t done it since January.  Not to mention you can only run it once a day, there’s no guarantee that it’ll drop either.  So that could be a while before I get it.  Brak is an Orc, by the way, and the reason I’ve been looking for axes is the Orc racial that gives 5 expertise rating.  It’s not the end-all, be-all of finding a weapon, and I would settle for a mace or fist (or even a dagger, /shudder) that I could get with more hit on it, for the time being.  But I haven’t looked into it all that much yet.

The last thing I could do is farm for some emblems.  But as I said before, I hate PuG’ing.  The guild, for its part, has been starting to run more heroics of late.  But Nim’s been away this past week and a bit and Pel (the returned Protadin) hasn’t been on for any this past week either.  So I’ve been tanking the heroics with Juris. 

As far as emblem gear goes, I decided to give both Juris and Brak a quick upgrade, getting them their 15 emblem libram and totem, respectively.  I’ve heard some people suggest waiting until you have enough for the T-7 chest upgrade, but I don’t acquire badges all that fast so it could literally be weeks of going without any upgrades and suffering through for the time being.  I decided a quick little upgrade for the relic slot item would be nice since there aren’t that many of those items out there as it is.

With raiding, we decided to put Naxx on hold for the time being and take a stab at Sarth and Vault (if we have Wintergrasp, of course).  Last week we got into Vault with 10 minutes before WG started, and only nine people.  We got the boss down to 4% when he enraged, making quick work of us.  Lets just say we looked like a Picasso on the floor.  Despite the wipe, I think we did excellent our first attempt, especially with only nine.  If we get in there with the extra person and aren’t so rushed this week, he shouldn’t be a problem.

Sarth was much smoother.  We one shot all the Drakes and Sarth as well (all separately).  I was off tanking on Sarth, picking up the adds, and while one or two were loose for a few seconds, I don’t think they killed anyone.  Juris also got his T7 gloves, which was a nice upgrade from the Daunting Saronite Gloves.  I probably will save up for the chest piece now.  Since we aren’t going to be running Naxx, and even if we did, I don’t think we’d be able to clear it in our allotted raid time at this point, so the Chest would be a nice upgrade which would also give the two piece set bonus.

As for Brak, I need to do a bit more research into finding out specifically what pieces of his gear I can upgrade, looking to get to the hit cap.  If I can approach close enough to get covered off with hit food, I’ll be happy with that. 

So when I don’t Ted-Out over all that, I’ve been continuing to level my DK, Kolja. 


He hit 70 the other night while questing in Nagrand, which makes him my sixth character to do so.  He still had a bunch to do for the zone quest achievement, but that isn’t really tops on the ole priorities at the moment.  If I ever decide to do it, I can always go back at 80 and zip through the stuff.  Kolja’s currently a Scribe and Jewelcrafter, both of which are sorely low leveled.  Last night I started farming herbs to help him get his inscription up, and once that is around 350, I’ll likely start to farm up some ore to level through the evil mithril/thorium ‘dead-zone’ of all ore-requiring professions.

Anyways, that’s pretty much all the ‘stuffs thats going on’ I had.  I suppose I’ll leave you with a bit of wisdom from the Frenzyheart:


— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you


2 Responses to “Fikkle Happenings”

  1. Damn.. Mum always told me to listen more and speak less… much watch out for wasps…

    Enjoy the return to totems!

  2. Yeah, fik knows I didn’t mean that he was the lowest dps meanly… But yeah, I’m actually ready to get back! I think noob had his schedule changed…. He may be available on Thursdays very soon!

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