Save your fork, there’s Pie

My grandmother tells of a story at one of the church socials where folks are eating and someone leans over and says save your fork, there’s pie. We use that story to say hey times may be good, but better things may be coming, so save your fork…err. Well. Okay so that doesn’t so much fit in all circumstances.

But there is Pie. Yep! /bow. Commonly referred to as Pie in the guild and on this here blog.

I, like Sy and Nim, hail from the great state of Kansas. I’ve been playing WoW since 11/11/06. I started Alliance side and rolled a few different classes to see what I wanted to do. I was playing with my brother in law (BNL) and he was playing hunter, so I played a warrior. Wait…let me back up.

Back in the 1990’s before AOL went unlimited, I played a text based RPG called Dragonrealms. Actually I started playing one of their other games and moved to DR and liked it better. Being text based it was RP big time. Okay not all the time, but still. Since there weren’t any graphics you pretty much had to tell the story about what you were doing. I played a Ranger. Why? Because even further back, my first D&D character was a Ranger. I liked the combination of stealth and ranged and I so I continued the tradition in DR. I come to WoW and well 2 hunters wouldn’t work right? Yeah, so a warrior is a tank, but my BNL had no idea about aggro and kept pulling the mob to him and I hated running around like a goof chasing mobs. So I rolled a dwarf hunter named Peperic, who still lives, mostly dormant on Drenden server where I can log in and give BRK a hard time.

Fast forward to BC.  I don’t like alliance, too many “kids” and I find a co-worker who is playing Horde side, so I roll up a hunter to check things out. Woah. Cool. So then I find some other friends who are starting on a new server and I join them as my co-worker is working on 60+ and doesn’t have a ton of time for little old me. I am loving Horde side now. Sure there are idiots just like Alliance side but they seem to be less common. And when a Nelf is jumping around like a dingbat I might be able to kill him.

My first Horde toon on the new server is a Tauren warrior. Yes, I tried again. I learned a few things and I liked him and all but I really wanted a hunter. So I rolled my second character Halkale, who is my Orc hunter and still being played.


My warrior Hawka has been transferred over and is named Zeddak. I was leveling him prot until I got to 44 and couldn’t find any good weapons except 2 handers so I respecced to Arms to try it out.


Halkale got to 70 towards the end of 2007 and joined a reroll guild on my server and would eventually raid into Black Temple as Hunter Class lead up through a downing of Terron Gorefiend. Raiding can take a lot of work and time and due to some life changes I couldn’t put that much time in. So I quit raiding and started working on alts. My first major alt was a paladin. After a few months I talked with the 4thehorde guys and joined forces with them, moving my characters over to the new server, well at least a couple of them. After WOTLKEE (as it’s called here on this blog) dropped, Halkale was my first toon to 80.


Piepal, my paladin, went through a name and gender change. She became my second character to 80. She is raiding with the guild due to the number of hunters we had that could raid. She is currently Ret.


My other major character was my shaman, formerly Forthepie, now with a new and improved name Xorak. Nim, Fikkle and I are working them in a group, called the lowbie leveling group on Saturday mornings.


I also have a druid named Naciasto who is my main bank alt.


A priest named Forpaj, also a bank alt but mostly so she can store the enchating/tailoring mats she has.


Fikkle and I are running two baby mages up together when we can, my Undead Mage is named Ozarka.


My warlock is named Tombreaver who was named after a Ghoul my DK summoned.

Do you have a fever, and cowbell is the only cure?

Do you have a fever, and cowbell is the only cure?

Oh and my DK is named Cowbell. Fikkle is leveling his rogue Dwos with Cowbell and we are smokin through outlands at the moment.


Last but not least is my rogue, her name is Naral.

So now you’ve met the group.  I promise I won’t plaster screenshots all over the next few posts, but I wanted you to meet the people my guildmates see on a somewhat regular basis.  Heck you’ve already seen my lovely pic, so I bet most of these are better looking!


One Response to “Save your fork, there’s Pie”

  1. Ironically you switched to the pally because there were do many hunters… I’ve been the only hunter to go so far, and we had 4 pallies the first week, and 3 the next! Either way it’ll be great to round out the blog group to 4, now we truly are 4theHorde!

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