Tanking, Ganking, Alts and Faults


Around these parts, Nim is the resident tank.  Generally, I’ll be leaving the ‘helpful stuffs about tanks’ to him.  When Juris hit 80, however, I had him respec’d to Prot and started building his tanking set.  Since then, I’ve tanked a few instances, including our run into the Arachnid Quarter last week (as off tank).  So far, I’ve only run a couple five-mans on heroic as the tank.  Nexus has been run about 10 times itself, and I did Halls of Stone a couple times, but that’s about it at this point.  Part of the reason is that I’m happy with the starter tanking gear that I have at the moment and when the guild does runs, its mostly with Nim. 

That being said, I’ve found tanking to be both stressful and fun.  It’s definately brought a new perspective to the game for me.  During BC, of the toons I had at 70, four were dps spec’d and another was a healer.  So I never really tanked (aside from Mage-tanking Krosh).  Its interesting and challenging to see how the mechanics work in different fights, and I’ve had my fair share of wipes on the content I’ve done.  But its also made me have to try to think about different strategies or ways to get a boss down that extra few percent for a kill.  We did Heroic Nexus earlier tonight (yes, again) and I tanked it.  It was an all-guild run, and aside from Gozz (aka Sylus) being charged Tard Jar fees, it was pretty standard.


So the Tard Jar story.  First off, for those who haven’t quite picked up on it from past posts, our guild has a policy that when you goof up, do something stupid, or generally make yourself look like a Tard in front of your guildies, we assign a 5 gold fee to be paid to the guild bank.  If the Tard moment causes the group or raid to wipe, we assign a 10 gold fee.  Now, these fees aren’t to punish people and make sure that everyone is the best of the best.  Quite the contrary actually.  Its a system to poke fun and goof off amongst friends.  The money has been going to unlocking new bank tabs, so in the end, everyone wins.  So, Gozz’s Tard Jar violation.  We had just cleared past the crazy-fearing-whirlwinding-little-dwarf-fella and we had two mobs left in those neat little ice stone they stay in until you pull them.  Gozz accidently hit his ‘1’ key, which happens to be either a pet attack button or an autoshot button.  Either way, Spirit Beasty goes a runnin and the ice-stone melted (of course it did).  So Gozz apologizes, says he’s sorry and owns up, like a true Hordie, that he totally owes 5 g to the guild bank.  As he’s apologizing (and the healer is sitting down after requesting a chance to drink) HE TOTALLY GOES AND DOES THE EXACT SAME THING AGAIN!!!! 5 SECONDS LATER!  Now THAT, my friends, is a TARD JAR VIOLATION.

Anyways, Nexus went well.  A few of us had just helped take Wintergrasp beforehand, so we also got Stone Keeper’s Shards, which was our true goal.  The Bind on Account items are an altaholics dream!


So speaking about altaholicism… I’ve been focusing a lot lately on alts.  Not because I’m not enjoying end game, but simply because this is the first time in the game where I feel like I’m not a year behind the curve getting to end game, which allows me to go on leveling alts.  My Mage Project is going to be slow going, I have to admit.  With some of the other stuff that I have on the go at the moment (guild leadership, planning raids, actually raiding, heroics, the tournament realm, my rp project and leveling other toons, not to mention that crazy RL thing).  Right now, I’d like to put out a new part of the series every two weeks.  I know that seems like its a bit drawn out, but anything more would be a little to taxing.

As for the RP Project, its coming along quite nicely.  I started out trying to get a new story published every day, but soon found that pace to be a bit much.  Since then I’ve been trying to update two to three times a week.  The whole project is a bit ambitious, even for me.  I’m planning on writing about twenty different characters (for now), most of whom are interconnected somehow, or will become interconnected in the future.  I’m also trying to incorporate some of my guildies’ toons into some stories, in places where their backstories overlap.

For now, part of the fun is going to be leveling so many alts.  I don’t think I’ll get them all to end game, and I don’t think I need to.  But some of them need certain levels for their stories to make sense.  Well, I suppose for the screenshots I want to take to be authentic-looking.  I’d like the blog to be as visual as possible, so its not just wall of text after wall of text.  The Intro‘s are a bit hampered by the restrictions of not having enough characters at levels I want them and of those same characters needing to start out at “a beginning.”  That being said, once I get done with all the backstories, I’d like to incorporate much more pics into each post.  So that’s a bit of an ongoing issue.

As for my higher level alts.  Dwos, my Rogue, has been leveling with Pie’s Tauren DK, Cowbell.  Dwos was having trouble leveling.  He had this fever, and the only prescription was Moar Cowbell.  He is now off making gold records at level 64. 

Kolja, my BElf DK has been solo leveling through Outlands and is currently sitting at level 68, just arriving in Nagrand.  I know what you’re screaming at your monitors right now, but just hang on a sec.  I’m a big fan of Jame.  I’ve blogged about it on occasion.  He’s very much a leveller, if not an altaholic, like I am.  He’s been a proponent of a different idea for a while, and one that I normally ignore, but that I decided to give a shot.  When I hit 58 and 68, I’ve been going straight to Outlands and Northrend, respectively.  Why?  The quest rewards are better.  The quality of quests are better than in the previous game version content.  I get sick of Azeroth and later Outlands and am just ready to move on.  But Jame argues that it makes more sense to stay in the older world longer, as completing quests is easier and you don’t lose out on all that much experience.  Then, when you do get to the newer content zones, like Hellfire or Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra, things are easier to do because you have a complete two levels above everything else.  You’re then going to complete those quests faster and so on.  All the while, you’re keeping ahead of the quest difficulty curve, keeping things very easy to complete while still getting lots of xp from doing them.  I decided to try that out for Kolja.  He went to EPL after the DK starter zone and stayed there until he was level 61.  He will likely stay in Outlands until he dings 70 as well. 

Currently, I’m playing him as Unholy, with a few points in Blood.  I’m a fan of Unholy.  I like the extra disease, I like having a ghoul with great names like Tom Breaver (well, that was Cowbell’s).  Most of all, I absolutely love the sound Blood Boil makes.  I often use it just for that.  Even if it isn’t ‘maxdps’ use of my blood rune, I still think its so cool.

For my 70+ characters, Fikkle was taken out of the luxurious spa where’s he’s been on holiday for the past year or so.  He’s now leveled up to 74, trained his portal spell for Dalaran, and made my life a whole lot easier.  At this point, he’s the highest level Mage in the guild, so I’m looking forward to lots of ports.  Lots.  We’re a guild of altaholics after all. 

Grimshot himself got pulled out of the stable he’s been kept in, finally hitting 71 this morning.  Playing a Hunter again was kind of sad to me.  Now before the internetz explodez, let me explain.  Previously, mastering a hunter took some skill and practice and you had to weave your shots together, manage your threat, control adds and you could do some pretty amazing stuff when you played them right.  Now, however, it seems, like I push a few buttons and mobs die.  Its obvioiusly not as simple as that, but it still feels a bit dumbed down to me.  I feel like its lost some of the complexity it used to have, and that saddens me.  I enjoyed that about the Hunter class.  Now, I’m sure some people will be a little antagonistic about me saying that its less complex, but that’s what it felt like to me.  It just doesn’t have that pizzaz it once did.  Regardless, I do plan to continue leveling that toon eventually.

I have a lot more toons I could talk about.  That is a post on its own.  For now, however, moving on.


And finally, ganking.  Every Saturday morning Nim, Pie and myself run three of our mid-level toons together.  There isn’t really much of a need to group level anymore, but its always fun to have someone to talk to and goof off with.  Especially when you have to suffer through the pain that is STV and Tanaris.  Again.  Anyways, Pie’s running his Shaman, Nim’s running his Warlock and I’m running my Warrior.  A fairly good combo.  Pie’s Enhance, so we don’t have a ‘healer’ per se, but we don’t really need it.  Anyways, over the last few weeks, we’ve noticed a plethora of flagged lowbies on our server.  We, being proud Hordies, proceed to destromolish those poor naive alliance folks who though that ‘Elune’ would protect them or something.  Ya, not so much.

Anyways, once that gets started, Sy gets this little itch that he needs to scratch.  No, not that kind of itch.  It’s more of a shiver, I suppose.  Either way, he hears us out doing world pvp and he starts getting jealous.  So what does he do?  Well, if you were thinking that he logs over to a mid-level character and comes and joins us, well, you’d be absolutely incorrect, sir or madame.  No, Sy totally logs on to a high-level toon and comes to find us so he can join in the gankage.  Whether that be lowbies, high-level-alliance-that-arrived-to-put-us-in-our-place, higher-than-us-but-still-lowbies who show up to find out they just got roflstomped by Spirit Beastie, or just city guards.  Sy enjoys it all.  And if he even catches wind that there might be world pvp going on, well he’s like a dog saying hello to a new dog… Yeah, he totally has his nose right up there.

That has since led to a desire to move back to a pvp server.  For the world pvp.  But we’re not gonna take our level 80s.  For now, we’re (Sy and me) working on getting some heirloom gear to help with our lowbies.  We’re planning on leveling our Rogues (cause we’re original like that) from 30 back on Coilfang.  Yes, we both have Rogues around that level.  That’s where the Stone Keeper’s Shards come in.  It’s not going to be a full time thing, just something we do on and off when we get ye ole pvp shiver.


— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you


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  1. theerivs Says:

    I just happened onto this blog my accident, what a fabulous blog. FOR THE HORDE!

  2. @ Theerivs – Thanks for the comment, I’m very glad you found us. And yes, FOR THE HORDE!


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