I Get Cold When I PvP


Ya, its true, don’t freaking ask me why, but here I am sitting with a freaking hoodie on, sweat pants and the infamous Canadian touque… Its freaking freezing in here Mr. Bigglesworth…


7 Responses to “I Get Cold When I PvP”

  1. And yet no mention of me giving you the title to this post?


  2. Nope. If you want a mention… Get yer own blog… O wait… you have your own blog… So why do you spend all of your time here?

    Fikkle Bogart

  3. Arena PVP gets me hot and bothered…. I HATE YOU ARENA TEAMS AND YOUR PRO LEET SKILLZ!!!!!! World PVP gives me shivers, like the cold shiver that runs up your spine as you finish pvping….

  4. Back when Ret PvP was hard I would get the shakes during world PvP / ganks.

    Nowadays I just get annoyed when someone doesn’t die fast enough.

  5. Invisibility trinket + a saved up 20-something charges of a ReckBomb + some guy sitting semi-AFK at the WSG cave in Ashenvale….good lawd that was fun!

  6. Gak. Kakk! That’s the sound of me having a hairball about ANY kind of PvP. (That’s why I’m leveling a rogue.)

  7. Lol, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one out there with pvp issues. Thanks for the comments guys. 😀


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