So, my computer has been acting a turd as of lately. What do I mean you ask? I’ll tell you. If you all read back through the posts, a few months back I had problems with my monitor deciding that it was tired of working.

Computer: 1, Sy: 0

It retired on me…Not cool. So, I spend some change, bought a new monitor, and ended up with a much nicer, larger-than-before 24″ monitor.

Computer: 1, Sy: 1

Okay, so not that huge, but huge to me! This monitor was AWESOME…until I loaded up world of warcraft. I launched it and was horrified at my settings… Things looked clunky, bulky, and when I tried to up the resolution to match my new massive screen….performance not only dropped, but went to the grand canyon, looked over the edge, and said to itself, “life isn’t worth it anymore,” and jumped.

Computer:2, Sy:1

Yes. My graphics card couldn’t handle the up in resolution at all. So, me, being the gaming graphics lover, went to the ol’ Best Buy and bought a new shiny Nvidea 9800 1gig vid card.

Computer:2, Sy:2

Now to give you a little background on my computer building background. I’m a noob. Not just a noob, but an uber-noob. So much a noob, that before I bought my graphics card, I spent 4 hours researching what cards I would need, only to show up at the best buy and realize that there is a difference between a PCI slot, and a PCI express slot…. Yeah. Nub.

So, I buy a shiny new graphics card. Amazingly easy to instal. I never knew it was this easy. I basically followed the instructions and wa-la. Installed. So, I load up wow, put my headphones on, and start fiddling with settings. WOW. This card is KILLER. I was able to turn up the resolution, and up settings to levels that weren’t even available on my old card! I’ve often said that now my characters shadows have more detail than they use to have! It’s the difference between 8 bit and HD graphics!


Copmuter:2, Sy:3 (I’m pulling into the lead!)

The game now looked great….Looked AMAZINGLY great. I was now having a problem with my sound when wow was running. If I was on vent, it was worse. Not only could I hear the staticy garble-de-goop, but so could everyone else. Massive problem. I fiddled with things, moved the sound card from one slot to another, but nothing I would do fixed the problem. So, I put up with it. Everyone in the guild hated me on vent, I know they did. Even if they didn’t say anything, they hated me. Then it happened.

Computer:3, Sy:3 (The Herk is catching up!)

We’re all running nax as a guild for the first time. We’re waiting on someone at the second boss. Then my computer goes silent. I can’t hear in game sounds, I cant hear anyone on vent. At first I’m like, “hey guys, you are being awfuly quiet…” Then it hits me. My sound card pooped out on me. So, I hooked up the laptop for vent for the rest of the run, then shut off  the computer until I could get around to getting a new sound card.

Computer:4, Sy:3 (…)

At this point I’m soooooo hacked at the computer, but I’ve dumped a pretty penny into it to not just go out and get another sound card. Between classes and work. I wasnt able to get anything until the following sunday. So, I tear into the computer AGAIN.  get the card replaced, and can ehar everything crystal clear. It was awesome. So, I log into vent, and am so excited to tell the guys that everything is working great! I log in and say hi. I get the obligatory “hey sy,” from Fik and Pie(the only two on at the time) and then start telling them the elaborate story about how I am a computer genius and have changed my sound card now, and I am awesome, and my computer won’t beat me, and how I am awesome…did I say I was awesome? anyway, then they start in telling me they can’t hear me. I push the push to talk button again….all they hear is “BONK.” CRAP MY COMPUTER HATES ME! Aparently I hadn’t gotten all of the drivers installed properly, and my mic wasn’t working right. GO FIGURE. I didn’t have time to fix the drivers, as I had to go out the door. I shut down my computer, went out the door, and decided I’d fix it later.

Computer:5, Sy:3 ( Okay, I should jsut quit keeping score at this point….)

I get home later that evening, reinstall the drivers from the disk, and log into vent…. Ah, there is someone on to help me work through any “problems” I’m having. It’s Pie. I test the waters, press the button, and speak…”hello, pie? can you hear me???” I got a response. Pie could hear me! Okay, long story, just to say, I AM A COMPUTER GENIUS! well, maybe not a genius, okay, I’m a moron. My computer might have won a few battles through all of this, BUT I WON THE WAR!!!!

Computer:5, Sy: 162,978,034,820,673,892 ( Okay, so I exagerated the score a bit, it’s my post, I’ll exagerate if I want too!)

Next week, I’ll post about how my computer decided to blow itself up rather than loose…

~Uncle Sy


6 Responses to “Bonk….Bonk….Bonk”

  1. Wow, what a story. I had no idea you were wrasslin’ gators all this time. Congrats on pwning your computer!

  2. LOL, nice pics.. I like the 2 Marios.

  3. 🙂 Excellent post! I find it easier to let the computer think it’s won. Then sneak up on it with new parts. If that doesn’t work, I threaten to remove the case, drop it on the shag carpet and tie it to my dog with a 6-foot bungie cord…

    That almost always does the trick.

  4. lol. sounds like my computer.

    so far I’ve replaced:
    Monitor (twice.. then upgraded to a 24″ too. lol)
    DVD Burner – old one stopped working
    Added multple hard drives
    Replaced multiple hard drives after they all then died
    Replaced the graphics card (twice)
    Replaced & upgraded all the ram (killed like 3 sticks so far)
    Gone through 2 power supplies
    Replaced the motherboard after it died
    A Keyboard
    3 mice (how the hell I killed the first 2, i’ll never know…)

    The motherboard replacment took 2 months because it had to be shipped to taiwan and back.. When I finally got it back, rebuilt my system, got it all ready to go… started it, it ran fine for about 10min (well, windows was fragged from a prior game of ‘Ithiel vs The Computer of Doom’), so I went to reinstall…

    And my CPU died on me.

    This CPU was a swap with a mate, but it turns out that the one he got when we swapped died AT THE SAME TIME that this one died, so I can’t even swap back.

    I’m now trying to save enough to replace the CPU.

    The universal irony: I’m a computer technician. I buld/fix computers for a living. No machine I have EVER worked on.. hell… ever SEEN has crapped out this many times. Everything has been replaced at least once. If it still won’t work after replacing the CPU, I’m going down to an army base, bribing a soldier to give me some C4, and blasing the thing to hell and back >.<

  5. Wow. When I think of my computer problems, I’ll jsut look back at this and say to myself, “wow, at least I’m not that guy!” Thanks for the comment, and glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s computer is trying to kill me!

  6. @Ithiel – I feel your pain 🙂 I NEVER had as many problems with my computer as when I was fixing/building them for a living. I think it’s because we become so cavalier about slapping stuff together at home. I fried 2 sticks of RAM and a video card to visible static arcs before I finally broke down and quit building them on my office floor. Something I would NEVER do with someone elses computer! lol

    The most satisfying computer destruction I’ve ever seen was when I worked as a Network Administrator for Waddell & Reed in KC, MO. They have a huge compactor out back. Every piece of electronics that could possible contain information, and out-lives it’s usefullness goes into that thing. Server goes in one end, comes out the other as my coffee table conversation piece!

    Stupid wife made me throw it away, but it was awesome! lol

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