Invading Naxx

So Naxx-10 took place last night.  <AoT> ventured into the floating necropolis and invaded the Spider Wing.  As most people I’m sure are aware, there isn’t all that much trash in there, so it didn’t take us very long to get to Anub.  We took him on, wiped a couple times as we were learning the specific mechanics and then downed him flawlessly on our second or third attempt. 

So onwards we went, getting to Faerlina pretty quickly again.  Here we had to wait for someone for a bit… Not really relevant, but anyways, we got into the fight and I think we two shot her. 

And we kept rolling, on to Maexxna.  We almost passed her, but then we were like, “Hey, maybe we should go kill that boss that we just ran right past.” Okay, so that was Nim, but no matter.  We took on Maexxna about five or six times.  Wiping each time after about the second or third Web Wrap (the AoE incapacitate).  Ultimately, we improved on a couple things over the course of our attempts, which is progress.

But the greatest thing about the raid last night is that we were not expecting to get any boss kills our first time in.  To explain that, I’d like to talk about our raid composition.  Not the classes, but the people.  In our raid, four of us have previous raid experience but hadn’t done Naxx yet.  Three more had raid experience in Naxx.  The other three had never raided before at all.  Of the three that did have Naxx experience, two were PUGs.  In addition to that, this was my first time as a tank in a raid.  The two in-guild healers we had we’re both first time raiders and first time healers.  And one of the others with previous raid experience was playing on a different class (melee vs ranged) than he raided on previously.

So aside from the raid content being new for 7 raid members, four of us were also playing different roles than we were used to.  Now, all of that isn’t to say that we didn’t get Maexxna down because we had players who didn’t know what they were doing, but that we made it to Maexxna because we have great players who came together and worked well as a group, despite being out of their element.  That is part of the reason why I love being in my guild and gaming with the people there.  We wiped a bunch.  It wasn’t a specific person’s fault, we’re all still learning a lot of new stuff and progression will come with time.  That’s what we were expecting when we went in there.  But we exceeded our expectations in how far we got our first time in.  And we had a ton of fun doing it.  While we were waiting before Faerlina, we all pulled out our non-combat pets.  Nim dropped his Piccolo and we had a dance party.  The only one getting charged with a tard jar violation is myself, who suggested an alternate strategy after one of the wipes.  The strategy was all phail and made it impossible for us to do the encounter.  So I’m owning up to that one and dropping my 10g into the guild bank.

But even better than all that, the first thing I wanted to do the following morning was to send an email around to everyone asking what they thought we could do to improve and hopefully down Maex the next time through.  You know what, the awesome people in my guild were way ahead of me.  A bunch of them had already started breaking down what had happened and pointing out areas we could improve.  That’s teamwork.  That’s For the Horde!


— Fikkle

Lok’tar Ogar! For the Horde!


PS… I can finally haz Haunted Memento!  My life is complete!  Well, not really, but I’m super happy right now!


7 Responses to “Invading Naxx”

  1. Great write-up! I felt the same way, very much a victory beyond my expectations. And since I was one of the noob healers you mentioned, I felt very scared when we first went in there. But as you said, such a great group of people and good teamwork that I felt I could learn, help, and dry off my sweaty palms. 🙂

  2. The run was much better than I expected! I’m not trying to be a debbie downer here, but as you stated we, as a group, were out of our element! New healers, no-raiders, and those with experience raiding were on diffarent toons, and diffarent mecahnics. Good times. It was really fun. Everyone pulled together and rocked it out. Props to Nimmy for main tanking! Juris did great for first time raid off tanking,Kawar and Sliggy did awesome for first time raid heals! Byaki, Pie, Ray, and prosecutor brought the damage( I was there too) All in all, fun times with great friends, and I can’t remember the pally healer we pugged, but he did awesome as well.

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  4. Sounds like a great run… and against the odds.

    I love my Haunted Memento! too… I even went and got the floating skull non-combat pet to keep it company.. but I just love the fact that I never have to summon it etc… it’s just there, always by my side… my dark shadow…

  5. Ya, that’s exactly why I picked it up. I’ll likely be getting the Skull for my DK as well. The other reason was that it gives me something extra and really cool to write about for his RP stories… 😀

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