The School of Nim Rocks: On Gear

Did u c wut I did thar?  Yes, I’m available for bad puns from now until eternity.  Just text LAME to 786-256-4437 (PUNBLOGGER).  Okay, so don’t really do that, I have absolutely no idea who’s number that is.  Anywho…

So the other day, Slig asked me what I thought about Dual Specs because she’d been reading some blogs out there and noticed a negative slant on a few.  Particularly, BBB posted the other day his thoughts on gear drama that would result because of people having ‘two main specs’.  I think the ultimate point that he was trying to make was that Rogues and Mages, and to a lesser extent Hunters and Warlocks are kind of getting screwed out of the deal as they are the only classes that can’t fill at least two of the three main roles (tank, heals and damage dealing) and yet, their primary function, dealing damage, is on par with the other classes who can fill multiple roles.  The ultimate question being ‘Why would anyone want to have a Rogue or Mage when they aren’t the top damage dealers and they can’t tank or heal?’  But that’s a different post.  This is about the dual specs.

So, you may ask yourself, what does the title have to do with dual specs.  Well, Bear talked about how in the past, someone in a raid may roll on a piece of gear as an off-spec item, if no one else in the raid needed it for their main spec.  That was all good and fine.  But with dual-specs, people would be able to claim that they were rolling for it based on their second main spec, which would lead to the inevitable loot drama.

Now, I would like to introduce you to the School of Nim Rocks: On Gear.  Nim’s attitude when it comes to gear and raiding is probably one of the most refreshing that I’ve met in game.  Like everyone else, he enjoys getting upgrades.  However, his purpose for raiding is to be there having a good time with his friends.  If nothing drops, well nothing drops.  No big deal.  If something drops and there is more than one person who could use it, Nim is always the first person to say “Go ahead and take it.”  Why?  Because his sole focus in the game isn’t to get that one piece of purplez.  He plays to have fun, and to see content… With his friends.  You may have someone similar in your guild, and I have to say that that attitude is refreshing.  In my guild, we have a lot of people with this attitude and the usual result of a loot drop is everyone telling someone else to go ahead and take it. 

Loot drama is only drama when individuals start to think that the sole purpose of going on raids is to get loot.  I would like to point out, for the record (very, very redundantly) that WoW is a GAME. /OhNoes.  It’s a game.  What are games for?  To have FUN.  Some people only have fun by getting loot.  Okay, even if I disagree with that, I can understand it.  But if your raid is made up of those people, and you, like me, think that that is kinda silly, maybe you should look for a different group of people to play with.

The other thing Bear mentioned about dual specs is that he can forsee a time when people inviting you to a group will ask “what are your two specs and your spell power/attack power/damage etc. in each?”  Sure, that’s probably bound to happen.  I know it will happen to me eventually, when I ask to go on that inevitable PUG.  Sure there will probably be arse-chapeaus in Trade Chat who will say, “You don’t have dual spec? Lolnub, L2Play.” 

But so what?  Would you normally associate with those people anyways? 

I wouldn’t.  I use the spam reporting function in the game as it auto-ignores those people and doesn’t fill up my /ignore list.  Then I never have to listen to them again.  I wouldn’t ever want to hang out with someone who’s gonna act like that, so I won’t be bothered about it.  At the same time, I’m not going to allow those few idiots out in the world to taint my view of what I consider to be a great change to the game.  Dual specs are going to allow me to have even more fun in the game than I do already, by allowing me to switch up my playstyle very easily.  I have an Enhance Shaman and a Prot Pally at level 80 right now.  Both of them have a healing set in the bank.  Right now, I don’t respec either of them, hardly at all.  Why?  Because it gets too costly for me in the long run.  But I would love to be able to say, “Ya, my shaman can heal, that’s his Second Main Spec” or “Sure my Prot Pally can DPS, let me just switch into his Ret Gear and swap specs.”

Now, the point of this post wasn’t to flame Bear.  (A certain someone does that enough… *cough*BRK*cough*).  I love reading Bear’s long rambling posts.  He may take a while to say what it is that’s on his mind, but gosh dernit, you’re going to enjoy the story along the way.  But at the same time, I disagreed with him about this, and wanted to throw my two copper into the mix for those out there who may be very much looking forward to dual specs and being a little surprised to see some negative feedback from the blog-o-sphere.


— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you


9 Responses to “The School of Nim Rocks: On Gear”

  1. I am looking forward to dual spec since I can be prot/holy dual spec.

    I feel that even if it is possible for someone to be a tank or healer, they should still only have 1 main spec. As for me, despite being able to be a tank with decent gear, I will still consider holy my main set and prot my off spec. Just because the possibility to fill 2 roles is there does not mean that both of them are the main spec since usually 1 is preferred over the other and/or 1 spec is the most effective due to more experience. Just my 2 cents =)

  2. Thanks for writing this up, Fikk, I think you make some very good points. (Oh and “arse-chapeaus” is all win!) I agree with you on every point. We talked about the difference between approaching WoW as a game or an avocation. I think the former have no problem with dual specs and the latter look at it differently. Blizzard’s whole thing lately is to get more casual gamers (emphasis on GAME) so it makes sense that they are encouraging this type of play. Since I happen to be squarely in that target market, I’m happy with the change. I actually have never understood the idea that anyone was “entitled” to any loot. That’s why there’s a roll function in the game (harkening back to pen & paper D&D) and the entire concept of chance. I don’t get peeved if a piece of loot I can use fails to drop, just the same as if I lose a roll on a piece. /shrug. It’s part of the game. I’m pretty sure I won’t post about this since you pretty much covered all my thoughts anyway.

  3. Uh. The whole point about bringing up rolls is that now people will have to roll more often on gear. I, like, totally failed to mention that!

  4. My only real peeve is when I go into an instance and someone says “if X-loot drops, I want it.” It just feels so counter-intuitive. Maybe I’m just a throw-back but I like the idea that we’re going into a dungeon with no idea what treasure awaits.

    It also just feels terribly selfish.

    Suffice to say, atlasloot is not something I care for.

  5. @ Vera – Different people are going to use dual specs for different things. PvP’ers were sadly omitted from much of the discussion but there will be plenty of people (hybrid classes included) who make a pvp spec as their second spec so they don’t have to respec to enjoy that part of the game. They’re not likely going to have major loot issues on raids though.

    Also, I don’t have a problem with people having two main specs. Take for instance the Protadin who isn’t needed as an offtank during a specific fight who switches to a Ret or Holy spec for DPS/Heals. That’s a bonus to a raid.

    Lastly, the other issue which I forgot to bring up is the notion that much less gear will HAVE to be sharded. That’s always a bonus.

    @ Slig – We were pretty much on the same page about this, I just totallly bogarted all your ideas 😀

    @ Nim – I have to disagree with you about Atlas. But I don’t use it the way you mentioned. It’s purely for the dressing room function in the game, lol.

    Thanks for the comments all.

    Fik 😀

  6. I can see alot of good use for the duel specs. I also am going to be in the minority here. I’m not a fan of Duel specs. Why do you ask? I play primarily dps classes. I have a hunter and a rogue. Hunter at 80, rogue will be very shortly. As fikkle mentioned, I’ll probably use the second spec for pvp…but as anyone who knows me, even if I pvp, it’s hardly ever in a battleground. I’m more of a fan of world pvp. My pvp happens more on a pvp server than in the BG’s. Wintersgrasp is a blast, but that’s almost not considered world pvp to me, as everyone there is there with a “pvp mindset.” ( oh, I’m also hiding in your lowbie cities, picking off your guards…)
    Back to my origional statement. I picked a dps class so i can have fun bringing the pain. I’m not totally devoid of healers/tanks though. I have a priest who’s in his low 70’s that I leveled to heal. I dont use him to quest, I don’t use him to farm, I use him to heal. Yes, he will benefit from duel spec….wait, no he won’t. I HAVE HIM TO HEAL. I can’t duel spec him to 80, and he’s been doing just fine leveling with a disc/holy spec so I’m not useless as a healer, or as a quester (when he is questing looking for a group to heal.) I chose the priest to heal. Not to do other things.

    Going back to the DPS side of things for a sec. I don’t see this happening in our guild.(we’re a special exception) DPS classes are getting pushed out. Fik’s origional comment about why bring a mage or rogue when druid can do as good, and switch specs to fill tank/healer roles. ( Not hunters, we bring the pain!)j/k. Everyone’s replaceable nowadays(Bring the player not the class mentality) Blizzard does need to be careful not to push the pure dps classes out of the raid situations. It’s not there, but a few more changes like this one, and it’s here.

    I am in the minority here, but the duel spec thing just isn’t something I’m really looking forward too. Once my priest gets to 80, he’ll be there to heal instances, nothing more. I have farmers/questers/dps’ers. It took some work to get multiple toons leveled, but that was fun for me, part of the game. I’m happy for all of you, really I am, my guildies love this duel spec thing, awesome. It is uping their enjoyment of the game, and for that I am grateful, but for me it’s kind of a “meh” moment.


    ~Uncle Sy

  7. It was actually BBB’s point about ‘why bring a mage or rogue’. I just repeated it.


  8. good point, my bad, what bbb said!

  9. Aithrea Says:

    I am probably in the huge minority of WoW players. I have been playing since the beginning and I don’t raid, PvP or BG. I tend to just quest and goof off with my crew in game. I am an altaholic so I don’t have a level 80 yet, but I am so close. I have been looking forward to Dual Specing for a while and for a variety of reasons.

    One of the main reasons being that it will give me a chance to try new things without having to make yet another alt, I am sadly running out of alt space. There are lots of things I want to try but the lower level grind is such the pain at this stage. So this will give me a chance to try multiple styles on one character to get a feel for how different specs work.

    Also, aside from just sounding fun, it will make me feel a little more useful. I tend to play with the same handful of people and the most we do is quest and run the occasional instance. In those situations I have to manage to keep the party alive as a balance druid (which I have learned to do surprisingly well) since I just don’t have the spare cash to respec. My casual playing style unfortunately leaves me quite broke.

    So in all I am looking forward to the Dual Specing, but I also realize it will make me even more fearful and hesitant to PUG or Raid. The reason I have avoided it in the past is that I like to have fun, and having people yell “wtf lern 2 ply n00b” is less than enjoyable. So now I have double the opportunity to play my class “improperly”.

    This is really just my 2 cents though. I hope for the best, expect the worse and usually find a pleasant middle ground somewhere. On a side note I did not know that spam reporting function worked as an auto ignore. I will have to keep that in mind. I just turn trade/general/everything else chat off. Unfortunately sometimes I miss things that are worth reading on a rare occasion. So that will actually be helpful.

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