Nim’s PTR Patch Notes

I don’t usually get into the patch notes much. I skim over them, check the warrior and shaman stuff and move on. It’s just not worth my time to get that upset about stuff. As for the PTR? Well, I barely have time to see everything I want to see in the live version of the game so the Test Realm is out of bounds.

However, I do read blogs and pay attention to the wowinsider, so I have at least a passing knowledge of what’s coming up. This is my first, and only impression of patch 3.1:








9 Responses to “Nim’s PTR Patch Notes”

  1. Aw bummer. Last picture is broken, won’t load.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Slug.

    Hot-link karma is finally catching up with me. I’ll get it hosted over lunch.

  3. Nim, AWESOME! Totally loving it.

    Would love a link to where I can find out more about the engineering thing though 😀


  4. ROFL!

    Nice one Nim

  5. ROFL great pic!

  6. All KINDS of awesome coming from that.

  7. That is so win! I cant wait to find out how many BAJILLION GOLD it’s gonna cost me…

  8. Nimrock Says:

    Sy, ‘they’ are saying it’s probably a drop or a reward from Ulduar, not an engineering mount.

    I wish…

  9. Mebbe Blogatelle is right and we’ll get CoT:Gnomeregan!

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