Dual Spec Part 2

As a follow up to Part 1 in the dual spec series, I wanted to follow up with what the new interface is going to look like after you purchase your dual spec for 1000g.

So the first thing you’ll see is that there is a new talent interface, which now includes your glyphs.  They were formerly in your spell book, and I think its a good change to move them over to the talent pane.  Here’s what it looked like before the respec:


So the UI is fairly the same.  Its just in a new place.  So moving on.  You’ve now visited your trainer and paid your gold.  What happens?  This:


That’s right.  You get an achievement for paying the 1000g and getting your dual spec.  After that, you’ll want to go back and have a look at your talent pane.  It’s changed slightly.  There’s a second tab on the right hand side for your second spec.  Hunters may be familiar with this, as it is where the pet talents have been located.  It looks like this:


The other difference that you’ll notice is the different background.  This is because I have the second spec chosen in this shot, which is NOT the active spec.  So then you need to put your talents into the talent spec.  Once that’s done, you can mouse over the tab on the side to see your current spec:


Up closer it says:


So once you’ve done that, you’ll want to switch to your other spec.  It is fairly simple to do in a major city.  Just go to the Lexicon of Power and when you look at your talents you’ll see this:


Notice at the top of the pane there is a button.  It says activate these talents.  This will allow you to switch between the two specs.  It takes about 2 to 3 seconds to activate and then voila, you’re a new talent spec!

Just as a last note, I didn’t find the gear manager anywhere yet, so I don’t think its live on the PTR.  If I do find it, I’ll be sure to post some screenies about how it works.  Also, my action bars didn’t change when I switched between specs, so it looks like that isn’t on the PTR yet either.  Stay tuned.  Stay Horde!


May the Horde be with you


5 Responses to “Dual Spec Part 2”

  1. I was on the PTR and when I switched specs my action bars DID change. Spells I didn’t have any more with the new spec were no longer on the bar.

    The gear manager, or the bit of it that I found, is in the upper right of the character panel. There is an armor icon, and when you click on it, it opens what appears to be a bag with a bunch of slots. That’s as far as I got. I didn’t try to put anything in it or anything.

  2. @ Stacy – I just went back on the PTR and couldn’t find anything on my character pane that indicated a gear manager.

    Also, taking spells off of your action bars isn’t the same thing as giving you a different set of action bars. The way it currently is, when you respec, you lose any talented abilties and they disappear from your action bars. Blizz was talking about giving us different action bars, akin to when a druid shifts into a different form, which I didn’t see when I swapping specs.

    As for the gear manager thing, if you could post any other info about it, I’d appreciate it.


  3. You actually need to activate the gear manager in the… hold on, I’ll go check.

    Yeah, bring up your Interface options, and then right at the bottom of “Controls” is a little check box for “Use Equipment Manager”.

    Once it’s enabled, there’ll be a little armor thingy at the top right of your character pane.
    Click on that, and it brings up a box with ten slots. Each slot represents a gear slot.
    Click “Save” to save the gear you’re currently wearing as an item set. Pick a symbol and a name (just like making a macro).
    ‘Tis easy as pie.

    Er… hot dogs. Easy as hot dogs.

  4. Do you have to pay a cost every time you switch your spec (after the initial 1000, I mean)?

  5. @ Euri – Thanks, that makes a bit more sense. I’ll go have a look at it this afternoon.

    @ Slig – No, the 1000g is the initial cost. If you want to respec one of your dual specs after you’ve set them up, it costs the same as it does now.


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