You will be assimilated?

The first thought that came to my mind when I heard of the “6 of 6” screenshot thing going around was:

Here at 4tH I guess I’d be 3 of 3.

Anyway, the Ga-nomesnatcha tagged me and Fikkle sub-tagged me to post the 6th screenshot in my folder. I wish I had one of the screenies from the old days but sadly that machine is long in the ground. I’ll have to make do with what’s on the laptop I currently play on.


6th of 6. It’s a picture I’ve been saving for the Dalaran cooking dailies guides!



3 Responses to “You will be assimilated?”

  1. I’m so glad you guys are post happy lately! I’ve had a killer busy week, and next looks as busy….maybe I’ll sneak one in this weekend!

    Great shot, lol. I lvoe anything with “Farmer Nim” in it!

  2. /posthappyfool

    Totally dude… And Nim, I absolutely love the seven of nine reference… Btw, you totally should’ve included a pic of seven of nine… Just saying 😉


  3. Ahh nice one… ppl have come up with great variants on 6×6.. mother of invention and all!

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