Gnomer Tag… I’m It?

So Gnomer tagged me to post a screenshot as part of an ongoing challenge.  Read aboot it here

So here’ s the challenge:

  1. Go into your image folder
  2. Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
  3. Publish the image!
  4. Challenge six new bloggers.
  5. Link to them.

So I’m not sure how ‘well’ I’m going to do at this.  But here goes.




… error?

So I have no sub folders in my screenshot folder.  So instead, I chose the sixth image…





So yes, its true.  For the Horde has Dwarfs.  This is a shot of the Hunter I rolled over on Kael’thas to join B^3’s guild the Sidhe Devils.  The Hunter kinda fell off the radar as life just got too busy, but he was a lot of fun.  Since he is a hunter, he does have a pet.  This was the screenshot I took on the way to tame his current pet, which is the shadowy spotted snow leopard skin from Darkshore.  Her name is Cadha.



Well, there’s FTP.

Then there’s GGH over at Snake in the Grass.

The Uncle himself, Sy.

If you smell what the rock is cookin, Nim.

Then there’s Slig over at the Game Dame.

and Ess from Outland Bound.


I lost track.  What was I doing again?  Oooooh, shiny!



May the Dwarf be with you



Here’s an updated picture of my Dwarven Hunter, who just ding’d 30 the other day and purchased his mount!



6 Responses to “Gnomer Tag… I’m It?”

  1. I. Hate. You.

    So who has subfolders?

  2. I has no subfolders….but when I get home tonight, I’ll post my 6th picture….I hope it’s shiny!

  3. He also stole all my blogger friends.

  4. Who am I kidding…I have no friends.

  5. Yeah…I was going to send it to you and Nimrock 3x each…. now what am I gonna do? Maybe I’ll take requests? Who wants it???

  6. […] then the 6 bloggers I chose were: Leafy, Fikkle from For the Horde, Fimlys (who didn’t repond.. will take that up with him later), Pugnacious Priest, Euripedes […]

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