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Okay, so the Game Dame mentioned in guild chat today that she would be interested to see some of the macros that I use and Sylus asked to see a macro that I’d written for my Rogue yesterday, so I figured I’d do up another post on macros and try to help a few guildies out.  For those master macro writers out there, this probably won’t be much help.  For those who aren’t too sure what a macro is, this probably won’t be much help, either.  Its more of a general summary of the macros I use on the variety of classes that I play.  Some I’ve grabbed from other blogs, some I’ve written for myself.

Anyways, if you want to learn how to write macros, I suggest visiting here.  The blog is now inactive (as far as I now), but its where I learned how to write them, and I believe that its a great resource to start from. 

General Macros:

The two general macros that I use are for my trinkets.  I got sick and tired of constantly having to update my hotbar depending on which trinkets I had equipped at the time, so I wrote these two macros which auto-select the trinkets you have currently equipped.  Its made it much easier, especially with the amount of different trinkets available in Wrath to keep my hotbars up to date.



Death Knight:

So here are a few macros that I use for my DK.  You’ll notice a bit of a pattern as we go.  Many of my macros are simply a class-specific ability and the /startattack command.  The reason for this is that (especially on melee classes) its not always easy to get your auto attacks going.  You could always leave the attack ability on your hotbars, but this will free up that space to put a special ability there.  The reason I use it is that if my special ability is on cooldown or doesn’t have the proper amount of rage/mana/runes/energy than I will at least start auto attacking until the ability is ready.  I generally put it on abilities that I use often or that I use at the start of a fight.




The first two are the startattack command for both Mangles (Cat and Bear) while the third is a macro that casts Bezerk and my trinkets simultaneously.





There are a lot of Hunter macros that I use for different abilities.  The lot of them are:

(a) Pet Attack/Hunter’s Mark/Drink (if you’re low on mana and want to send your pet in to build aggro). 


(b) One button for the different Hunter aspects (not including Dragonhawk since he hasn’t leveled yet). 


(c) My Big Red Kitty Macro of Doom (named after the BRK theyselves and using a trinket, Bestial Wrath, Blood Fury – Orc racial, and Rapid Fire). 


(d) Feed Pet (not really required any more with the changes to happiness, but still useful for low level hunters who don’t have enough pet talent points to get the happiness building abilities).


(e) Hunter’s Mark and Pet Attack (with a variable to allow you to cast only Hunter’s Mark by pushing alt). 


(f) Misdirect (left mouse button MD’s to my focus target for instances while the right mouse button MD’s to my pet for solo’ing.  The different lines with different pet names are there to allow it to select whichever pet I have out).


(g) One button for all of the trackings (not really required with the drop down menu now available, but allows for quick swapping between tracking modes for pvp etc).



This is one I posted about before.  It was the Icy Veins and trinket.



The first one is Avenging Wrath and Trinket, the second is Hammer of the Righteous and startattack for the Protadin and the third is Crusader Strike and startattack for the Retadin.





My Rogue is a 51-point Subtlety Rogue, taking the Shadow Dance talent.  These two macro’s were built in part to support that talent.  They use a combo of Premeditation and Cheap Shot or Premeditation and Ambush.  I use Cheap Shot while soloing and Ambush for grouping / instancing.  The reason I mentioned Shadow Dance is that this ability allows me to quickly get 5 combo points on a target mid-way through a fight.  Shadow Dance allows you to use abilities out of stealth that normally require you to be stealthed.  Thus, I can open with Premed + Cheap Shot, go through my rotation and then pop Shadow Dance and hit Premed + Cheap Shot again.  I know the entire wow community has decried the 51-point subtlety talent and I know that this may not be the best spec for a Rogue, I really don’t care.  I play him for fun and this makes it that much more fun.




The first two macros are Stormstrike + startattack and Lava Lash + startattack: 



The third and fourth are my cast sequence macros for my totems for PvE and PvP.  This allows me to set down my standard set of totems by pushing one button four times instead of pushing four buttons one time.  Its just a bit easier to me.  Enjoy: 



The last is my Shamanistic Rage and trinket:



The two I use for my Warrior are startattack and Heroic Strike or startattack and Cleave.



So there you have it.  I have lost a few macros from server transfers, but this is what I’m using right now.  If you use one you think I may like, post it in the comments, I’m always looking for ways to ease the game.



May the Horde be with you


2 Responses to “General Macro Goodness”

  1. One additional note and I did not know this until I watched a BRK movie on macros.

    Use the ? mark as your icon and the system will put the right tooltip in there for you.

    IE: My mend pet macro is set to countdown and grey out when mend pet is cooking, but will show the mend pet icon when ready to go.

  2. Holy Bat-Macro’s Batman! This post is alllllll win! I’ll definatly bookmark this one for later!

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