So, Kirin Tor.  This is your design for you tabard? Really?

I mean, I know that when all you mages where it, you tuck it in.  But did you not think that someone else might wanna try it on? Really?  Say like, someone who doesn’t wear robes.  Really!

And what are you trying to say with your tabard, really?  Is there something you’re trying to make up for?  Like the size of your staves?  Really.

I mean, you could just try to redesign part of it, really.  I mean would it kill you?  Really?  So, mages of the Kirin Tor, if you’re gonna make a tabard that tries to compensate for something, at least have enough ‘tabard’ to walk around showing it off yourself.  Really.


As per Bell’s comment:


Really! Come on, really.



May the Horde be with you.


6 Responses to “Really?!?”

  1. Haa…I thought this, too. Same goes for those Death Knights!

  2. Wait.

    People actually look at those?!

    /me tucks in his tabard in embarassment

  3. Don’t tell anyone, but it’s a sort of inside mage joke.

    If there’s one thing mages like to do almost as much as turn powerful warriors into helpless critters, it’s to make elaborate dick jokes.

    Take a look at all the… erm… “towers” in Dalaran sometime.

    Use your imagination.

  4. wow… this will forever be known as the great penis post of 2009…

  5. Really?!?!

  6. Really….

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