No Brew for you

I’m heartbroken people and there’s nothing your Friendship Bracelets can do for me. The blues have spoken and  Brew of the Year will definitely be a required part of the Brewfest achievement. This means I’ll have to wait two years to be Brewmaster Nimrock.

Bear with me while I run down exactly how hopeless I am about this.

Brewfest and Children’s Week were the only world events I ever actively particpated in. I loved the pets from children’s week and I celebrated Brewfest because I thought it was fun. Two years ago I ran the keg delivery quest every day and I saved up enough tokens to buy the Swift Brewfest Ram. My point is, I participated for the fun of it, before achievements, because I like Brewfest.

Before the patch, I heard something about achievements. The brewfest event was already going on and I checked out what sort of rewards could be had. Brewmaster Title?! I’m in! So I did the keg run every day again to save up enough tokens to get the Brew of the Month membership. Figured I’d drink a brew every month and next year all I have to do is buy the regalia and dance drunk in the streets.

Here’s the problem. The brew of the month membership started the month before the patch with the achievements dropped! I didn’t get credit for the first brew I drank and by the time I realized it, I couldn’t buy any more brews from the vendor.

There have been a couple of posts about this on the forums but I feel like my particular complaint has been over shadowed by the usual climate of hate and selfishness on the forums. Namely, I don’t care about the meta-achievement or the violet drake or any of that. I just want the title.

The blues say they’re happy that some achievements take time, some take luck and some take a certain character level. I’m ok with that, in fact I think some achievements should be harder than they are. Gives people a sense of acomplishment. I don’t think, however, that people who’ve spent the time and tokens on the brew of the month membership card should be slighted based on the fact that the achievement system wasn’t put into effect soon enough.

Here’s my solution: Let people with the brew of the month membership card buy any brew from the past year from the brew of the month vendor. It’s simple, still rewards effort and time spent, and doesn’t diminish the achievement in the least.

I don’t usually get upset about things I can’t control in this game. Nerfs, buffs, patches etc. just don’t get to me (after all, you can always infect the earth with a life ending virus). But today? Today I’m devastated.



10 Responses to “No Brew for you”

  1. I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying; if you have been drinking your Brew of the Month every month since achievements started, the only one you’re missing is from the month the Brewfest was active (before achievements). Therefore, it’s only one year from that point…

  2. Oh, that sucks. :[ I would hope that could get changed; your request seems really reasonable.

  3. Wow. What has the world come too, anotehr year with no Brewmaster Nim? that sucks…That sounded reaslly sarcastic, but it wasnt as sarcastic as It sounded. I really think it sucks!

  4. I think Sylus’ sympathy sucks… and ya, don’t worry Nim, you’ll still be Brewmaster Nimrock to all of us!

  5. Yeah, my sympathy sucked on that one… Let me try again….
    Nimmy, dude, that seriously sucks. I would put in a petition to blizzard. I’ll sign it for sure. Speaking of things that sucks, how you doin Fik? Zing!


  6. @xeno, I hope that the Brew of the Month club membership card will be active for an entire year + one month so I can drink that Binary Brew during brewfest and complete. But if the brew of the month club only offers 12 brews, I’ll have to spend my tokens on another membership card instead of regalia.

  7. I’m awesome… which is like the opposite of suck… and you… Zaa-ing! Btw, you still sound totally sarcastic, lol…


  8. I am a hardcore achievement whore, and even I am confused about this one (oh that statement pains me so much). I am counting on this drake too for the 100 mount achievement…I bought my brew of the month membership last October right on time. The first brew I received in the mail was on November first. As of right now I have 4/12 brews drank (November, December, January, February). Next October 1st is when I will drink that last brew and receive the achievement. Seems as we are in the same boat. Was I supposed to somehow drink the October brew from last year without receiving it in the mail? Does everyone else have 5 brews towards the achievement already? The membership will end next September and I will have to re-buy in order to drink the October brew? If so, does that mean it is IMPOSSIBLE to buy the NEW membership + the “disturbing the peace” achievement (the one where you need to buy 3 clothes and dance in Dalaran)?

    Great blog, just a little more specifics would be excellent. Thanks!

  9. @Terawatt: I don’t think he actually knows. And that is part of his pain.
    And holy crap… 100 mounts? wtf. I was at level 60 a year before The Burning Crusade, 70 a month after and 80 3 weeks into Northrend. I have 5 mounts… LOL

    @Nim: That’s a stoned bummer doc. Sorry to hear it. I would suggest getting gloriously drunk and making it with a gnome…. or something.

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