Fikkle Beginnings, Resolutions and a Little Late Night Lore

Hey there internets, how’ve ya been lately?  What do you mean I never call anymore?  Well, you know, work’s been busy lately and we’ve just started drifting apart… Well not really, but work has been busy.  Anyways, I have been brewing up a little something (so to speak) that I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  My sole New Year’s Resolution this year was to get back to my true roots of blogging (in addition to this here fine blog) of Roleplaying.  Fikkle got started on the interwebs with an RP blog that I wrote once or twice a week about, well, Fikkle happenings while he leveled.  He even went on vacation this one time.  He never speaks about that other one time though… You know, the band camp thing.  Ya, its all hush, hush.  (And yes, it took me a month and nine days to follow through with my new year’s resoution… anyways…)

So I’d like to introduce you to my new project: Ashes of Tirisfal.


Ashes of Tirisfal is a name I came up with as the name of a Mage guild for an RP story line that never got off the ground.  Nim and a few others really liked once I explained the background behind it.  For any lore buffs, feel free to skip to the next paragraph, for the non-lore junkies out there that may be a bit curious, The Order of the Tirisfalen was a group of Mages that protected Azeroth from the Burning Legion.  There was one mage in particular that would be assigned to be the guardian and they got all kinds of cool and funky-neat abilities.  Aegwynn was the second to last guardian, with the infamous Medivh being the final guardian.  Because of the whole story behind what happened to Medivh (a discussion for an entirely different post) with his actions being controlled by Sargeras, Medivh killed or had killed, all of the Mages that were part of the Order of the Tirisfalen.  Ashes of Tirisfal was originally planned to be a follow on generation of mages who decided to pick up the torch that was extinguished by Medivh and rebuild from the ashes.  With the introduction of Wrath of the Lich King and the descent that befall Lordaeron as a result of the Scourge, Ashes of Tirisfal seemed even more appropriate.

So, with that said, I’ve wanted to get back to RP’ing.  Since we’re no longer on an RP server, I get enough tells about L2GEARNUB when I run around in my RP costumes and whatnot for screenshots.  That makes the prospect of actually RP’ing in game a bit unattractive, at least at the moment.  Which leaves blogging, which has many advantages.  Now the reason behind a new blog was that not everyone is into RP and I have a lot of RP stories I want to put out there, and I don’t really want to drown out the other info on the blog.  So a new blog made sense from my perspective.  The other thing is, well, this here fine blog is quite literally (and figuratively) named for the Horde.  The story line(s) involved will be completely intertwined between both factions as a true WoW story (hopefully, we’ll see).

The plan for the blog will be to take a few weeks (possibly months) to set up the story and why the characters are now the way they, well, are now…  So there will be a large and involved backstory… Once that has been done, the characters will then all be able to move forward with their current stories in Wrath.  I’m trying as much as possible to maintain a certain chronology to everything, but that is becoming confusing and may not be able to be maintained.  We’ll see.  The major problem I have is that I want to write about a lot of characters.  Okay, but not all of them are 80.  Heck, some are lower than level 10.  In some instances I’m going to want to gear the character to have a certain look about them, and that generally means that they need to be leveled.  So I do plan on leveling as many as I can.  Some may take longer than others to accomplish, but I’ll do what I can. 

In order to kick off every story, I’ve decided to choose one moment in WoW history that seemed appropriate.  Each one of the character’s introduction stories will take place during the events of Warcraft 3 and its expansions.  Some of the backstory will then be built on until I feel I have each of the characters in a good place to move them to Northrend.

So, if you like a bit of story time and are interested in having a read, please drop by Ashes of Tirisfal and have a quick read.

For those of you not interested in RP, well stick around here and you’ll get much more of what we do.  Which at the moment says a whole lot, I know, but give it a week and my crazy work schedule should be returning to some semblance of normal, so we’ll see what happens.

Until then, this has been your Fikkle blogger saying goodbye, and goodnight.

— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you


16 Responses to “Fikkle Beginnings, Resolutions and a Little Late Night Lore”

  1. You should come back to Cenarion Circle! I’m really thinking about getting into RP’ing. I’ve got this story simmering in the back of my mind that I want to write about my Hunter. The que’s are gone! I haven’t seen a que since the last free realm xfers, and you know CC was awesome sauce!


  2. Unfortunately, that’s not really an option anymore. When we moved over it was a free transfer, which allowed the whole guild to move, free of charge, together. If we arbitrarily tried to come back, some people would get left behind and invariably our guild would fall apart.

    Good to hear about CC though, hope you’re at least having fun.


  3. wut is arrpee you speak of?

    lol l2p noob

    Okay serious times….Halkale’s backstory is being written and hopefully I’ll be able to develop my other main character’s stories.

  4. This is all I need, one more blog to read EVERYDAY! Okay, so that started sounding like a bad thing….but not really! I LOVE BLOGS! Especially this past week. I’ve read every wow blog out there, as I can’t really play wow right now….STILL NO MONITOR, I HATE THE SHIPPING COMPSNY THAT STILL HAS MY PRECIOUS! Anyway /griperant off. Glad to see you doing some RP again, I added the site to our blogrole on the side, though I was surprised you didn’t do it first!

  5. Nice site over there guy. I’m inspired.

  6. Don’t call me guy, buddy… And just so you all know, I totally blame Nim for all of this… His whole, “I have a better sense of who Fikkle is as a character than some of my own toons” thing totally got me back into it all…

    Ya, I said it, BUDDY.

  7. Don’t call me buddy, friend.

    I will be writing an epic alternate universe fikkle fan-fiction materpiece shortly.

    All I can tell you is: Fikkle has a goatee and a moustache.

    Also, this is all fake.

  8. I guess I’ll through a comment into here, which will probably throw of the balance of yin and yang, or the warp space continuum (I had to look that one up). But oh well

    I’ve heard a lot about RP servers being much more friendly, and just a better environment. I love reading RP, and even doing some in game (not over the top, but just really getting into your character). And I was wondering if its true, I mean I love the PvP server I’m on (Black Dragonflight), but some people are just stupid, and I can’t stand it.

    Well now that I’ve got that out. The world can resume its normal viewing.

  9. In my experience on:

    Earthen Ring (RP)
    Lightninghoof (RP-PVP)
    Coilfang (PVP)
    Cenarion Circle (RP)
    Dawnbringer (PvE)

    I’ve found that people are the same on every server. You always have the Trade Chat Arse-Chapeau’s… You’ll find the people who are cool to hang out with…

    But ya, some servers are worse than others and it may take time for you to find some cool people. If you really don’t like it, a change can always be good.

  10. Unless you are in a guild with all those idiots…then.


  11. By no means am I implying that my guild is filled with idiots.

    But we do have Sylus…he’s not an idiot. He’s just special.

    Like a snowflake.

    And we wub him very much!


  12. 😀 thankee very much. I guess I’ll stick with Black Dragonflight (PvP), make my special (very special) character on my friends server. And maybe a crazy ninja alt on Cenarion Circle.

  13. FYI we aren’t on CC anymore, we are on Dawnbringer.

  14. Sylus is not special….well, yes he is,but not “special” as you imply. BTW, Grats on the bow, I’m realllly glad you got your bow!

    OOO, and I really want to see this alternat reality Fikkle with the mustache and Gotee! EVEEEL FIKKLE

  15. How about Fikkle the gnome?

  16. Sorry, pie… Fikkle is to self absorbed to be a Gnome… Besides, have you tried fitting that much ego into an itty-bitty Gnome?


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