The Pie is Not a Lie

Okay, so I have met the pie, and he is no lie. We went out to eat at a very good BBQ joint in KC. It was Pie’s call. I figured with him being a local, he could pick the best BBQ spot. It wasn’t half bad….Okay, it was awesome. We goofed off, talked about some wow stuff, but it was kind of refreshing, we all have outside lives! From the moment we planned meeting, I was determined to set up a picture with Pie and cake….like, an actual piece of cake. Well, he chose a restaraunt that didn’t server cake, well, they served carrot cake, but due to previous conversations I believe we had grouped carrot cake as a vegetable, not a cake….anyway. We did get a photo of Spiffle, Pie, and myself. It was good fun hangin with Pie, and we might even be planning a guild meet-up this summer….Catch a baseball game, eat some good food, and all that good jazz. Now we have to think about how to get all of the others to come… Anyway, thanks for a great place to eat Pie, it was a blast, and I look forward to it again!

From left to right, Spiffie, Pie, and Sy

That’s all for now, I hope my monitor arrives today…I’m getting bored doing too much school work…



10 Responses to “The Pie is Not a Lie”

  1. Or Moe, Larry and Curly.

    The Three Huntards.

    Good food and great company, not a bad lunch. Oh and the guys were cool too. 😉

  2. Carrot cake is a vegetable?

    Does that mean apple pie is a fruit?

  3. Carrot cake= vegetable
    Apple pie= fruit
    Soylent green= people

    P.S. “Get your hands off of me you damned dirty apes.”


  4. It was nice getting to meet you, Pie. 🙂

    Sarah G. (Sy’s wife)

  5. It was a pleasure meeting you too Sarah. Apparently Sy, like most guys, married up. How you put up with his shenanigans, I’ll never know.

    That’s right, I said shenanigans!

  6. OMG!!! There are gurls on teh internetz???!!!! Oh, wait, that said forthepie, not piepal… I guess there are just gurl on teh internetz…


  7. Oh Yeah, and that girl, she’s mine! It’s so cool to have a wife who’s got a web presence!

  8. Ok, so I can’t see the picture here at work. Where was the eatery? I live in KC (Blue Springs actually) and I’m curious to which fabulous BBQ join Mr. Pie took you. 🙂

  9. Jack’s Stack on Metcalf, Aboo.

  10. yeah, where he said!

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