Wait for it…

This weekend I’m meeting up with Blogger, and guildie Halkale, from For the Pie.  From what we said, we’re meeting for lunch on Sunday, this should be interesting! Spiffie, his Mrs. along with Me and my Mrs. are out for a fun filled real world weekend….real world? I better bring sun block! I’ll tell you all about the meet up on Monday, and might even have a picture or two, well, if Pie isn’t camera shy! ooooo, I wonder if I can get him with a piece of cake….that would be sweet!



2 Responses to “Wait for it…”

  1. The pie has been met, and is surprisingly normal! Ok, well not that normal… But look at the control group I brought with me… Spiffie!
    Post coming later, with pictures!

  2. And the cake remains a lie.

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