Conceptions of the Hunter Class

Let me first say, I like hunters. Well over 50% of the active members of my guild are hunters. Well over 50% of the good friends I have in WoW are hunters. My second highest character is a hunter.

Having thus disclaimered, let’s have at it.

Hunters drive me batty. Do you remember Othello? The game, not the tragedy.

“A minute to learn, a lifetime to master.”

I think the number one reason hunters have such a bad rep in groups is the fact that there is such a disconnect between solo play vs. group play. When you’re soloing a hunter, you’re the party. You heal, you tank, you dps. They get it in their heads that they don’t need anyone else. A hunter friend of mine never quits with the “my pet could totally tank as well as you.” Then they join a party and suddenly become a caster.

Someone made the point that, with so many hunters around, there’s a better chance you get the bad ones. I completely agree. Same goes for DK’s. I used to see the same thing a lot with rogues too.

Speaking of rogues, what’s with the feign death and the vanish? I guess it makes sense and I’d probably do it if I could, but it just rubs me wrong. Seems selfish somehow.

Hunters also have unholy amounts of things they have to remember before ever showing up for the instance:

  • DPS pet
  • Growl off (please)
  • ammo
  • bandages
  • potions
  • buff food
  • pet food
  • mana drink

That’s probably not even the complete list.

The longer I ponder, the less this post becomes about bad hunters (I refuse to use the popular term) and more about good hunters. I might even be making excuses for the poor guys.

I do appreciate a good hunter. I happen to know a few.

I apologize that this post is so disjointed but I really wanted to get some of my immediate reactions to Sy’s post down before I forgot them.

So in closing, I give you Nim’s advice on being not a bad hunter.

  1. Bring ammo.
  2. Bring a DPS pet, with growl turned off.
  3. If we wipe, run your lazy butt back with us. We could use aspect of the pack.
  4. Use misdirect, lots.
  5. Autoshot + tab targeting can get you in serious trouble.
  6. Focus fire.
  7. Learn to trap.

That’s it.


Edit: No more consumable ammo? Well there goes that excuse. Back to hating hunters I guess…

*waves goodbye to profits from Mammoth Cutters*


5 Responses to “Conceptions of the Hunter Class”

  1. Good post dude. I like how you tie it to Othelo. I get othelo. I may suck at it, but yeah, minute to learn, lifetime to master. This is what huntering is all about. Also, I would suggest trying another class in group situations as well. Everyone should have a hunter, but they should also try another class to see what it is like to not have your tank with you at all times. This makes you learn the other aspects hunters have. Trapping, kiting, crowd control. Word, crowd control.

  2. You forgot, all loot is hunter loot.

    Wait…./good hunter on

    I have noticed that most tanks if given a few seconds to build some threat don’t have an issue with a pet having growl on. A Ferocity pet (dps pet) can’t generate the threat a true tank can. Now, I wonder if a tenacity pet could keep up. Be interesting in those 5 mans that could use an off tank to test out.

    A pet could maybe tank some trash within reason of a tank but no way bosses. Why? positioning. It’s just too hard to get a pet and boss positioned using stay/follow/attack. I’ve tried it. You just can’t dps then, so why not just bring a tank?

    I do disagree on run your butt back..if I got the FD off. No reason I should die if I don’t have to. Pallies can DI someone to avoid the total wipe, why can’t I? But, if you died, yeah run back unless the rezzer can come back and rezz the group.

  3. I know Pie, it’s your mechanic, you should use it. I’m mostly just jealous.

  4. A good hunter I know (my r/l brother actually) used FD offensively. He goes bat-$#^% crazy on opening dps and uses FD to clear his aggro table, allowing him to start all over half way through the boss fight.

    This was much more effective pre-Wrath when tanks had a more difficult time gaining aggro in the opening moments of a fight.

    I don’t think he’s even played his hunter since Wrath hit actually. But since I’ve never rolled a hunter I felt that was a good 2 cents to throw in there. 🙂

  5. Not bad at all! Yeah, most hunters will use it as an aggro dump in long boss fights, but we have to be careful grabbing aggro at the begining of a fight, if a priest gets off a heal when the boss gets colse to you, THEY end up with the aggro, not the tank. We all know, a dead priest, is not a happy priest, conversly, a dead priest doesn’t often times remember to heal a low health hunter!

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