Misconceptions of the Hunter Class, Or an Unfortunate Truth…

That folks is how you write a title. That’s gotta be worth something, even if the rest of this post falls apart, you can all say, “hey, that Sy, he can write a mean title!” . . .

So, anyway, moving past the “Rocky and Bulwinkle”esque title, this topic is something I have been thinking about. I’ve been looking around the interwebs, readingup on some hot points surrounding hunters in general. I then did some further reading, delving into the things that us hunters do wrong.

So, before writing this post, I threw a question out to the Twitter Community. I asked, “What are some of the things hunters are known for, good and bad.”  These are a few of the responses I received.

Dechion, or Brad =)dechion @Sylus “the biggest is that hunters don’t play well in a group setting. That and how easy the class is to play (but not to play well)”

sparklymegzsparklymegz @Sylus“One word, two syllables… Huntard.”

Suzanne Beaudoinsparklepipsi @Sylus“I think the standard procedure is to assume someone is a LOLHUNTARD until proven otherwise ;)”

Larry Tomlinsondotcomlarry @Sylus“Always thought of them as lazy and careless about their pets pulling”

Robert McAteeSnarktopus @Sylus“very easy to play, good for powerlevelers. doesn’t require any skill or thought. also good for soloers.”

And Our Guildie Slig even threw in her two copper’s worth:

Nataliegamedame @Sylus“Huntards in groups and ninja-ing, selfish solo players.”

So, to recap, all of these people see a few key issues that they see commonly among hunters. The first being that we are all huntards. I think most of the other things people pointed out are merely the descriptors of what makes a “huntard.” I use this term lightly, as I hate the term, and it’s one I have fought hard against. So, lets take a minute to address the individual symptoms of a huntard.

First, let me hit the comment about the hunter class being very easy to play. Well, it can be a VERY easy class to play. It’s so easy to not worry about learning all of the mechanics, andjust sendyour pet after the mob,and stand back while shooting a few arrows while you go get a cup of coffee, or a juice box, age dependent. The problem with this is it is just good for solo play. You put yourself in a group situation for the first time…say Wailing Caverns, and have no clue about trap mechanics, pet aggro generation, i.e. cower, growl, pet mechanics in general, i.e. passive, defensive,and aggressive, then you are doomed to fail, and continue the evil stereotype for all hunters to come… So yes, hunters can be very easy to play. Hunters also have a crap ton of things built into their class that can make them very complicated to play. Granted, not the most complicated class in the game, but definitely deeper than the average “huntard” is willing to dig.

Okay, sliggy(AKA Gamedame), really, digging on hunters being the “Ninja” class? Okay, we have our fair share of those, but lets face it, EVERY class has their fair share of Ninja-looting-no-good-peices-of-trash! I won’t go naming some that are on my BAN list on my server, but man is it tempting!

Now, Good Ol’ Larry made a good point. Alot of hunters, and I mean alot of hunters, are not very familiar with certain instance pulls. Ones that require you to keep your pet with you for a few minutes, while the tank drags the mobs where they need to be. I’ve seen, and unfortunately been a part of, putting the pet on the kill mob, only to find that hey, that blind corner there, yeah, group of mobs right on the other side…The conversations goes something like this:


“yeah Gozzy?”

Um, meet our new friends.”

“What friends?”

Yeah, those four guys beating on the healer, say hi for me.”


Well, someone has to live to rez people,lol. (Hunter Engineer Rez FTW) No, really, I’ve never hit the Feign Death button to let the group wipe. I have unfortunatly had my pet pull aggro when I didn’t know the layout of the instance. Meh, it happens. Not alot, but for some, alot more than others. Throw some gold in the ol’ guild bank for the mistake, and move on. (Our guild goof-up insurance)

So, yes, there are HORRIBLE hunters out there, but there are a few good ones intermingled earning the bad rap for all of those “huntards.” So, you’re asking yourself…am I a huntard? Well, lets hope not. But, if you suspect you are, I have a few helpful sights out there for you. The first Is bigredkitty.net. BRK is a treasure-trove of hunter information, delivered in a humorous way. In fact, we have several other hunter blogs linked on our sidebar. Take some time, get to know some of the hunter community members, and don’t be afraid. Ask questions. I don’t want to speak for everyone else in the hunter community, but I know I want to help fight back the inner-huntard in all of us. So, even if you feel intimidated by leaving a question for the BRK, shoot me a line. I’ll help out the best I can, and if I can’t, I’ll point you in the right direction!

So, either this post was a massive waste of your time, as the [wall of text] crit me for about 18k…or you are now well on your way to fighting those steriotypes. Get to it hunters. Make us proud!

Oh, one more thing, I used the wonderful app Twitter to round up the comments on this post. If you want to follow me on twitter, you can find me at www.twitter.com/sylus . I update regularly, and would love for you to say hi!

~Uncle Sy


5 Responses to “Misconceptions of the Hunter Class, Or an Unfortunate Truth…”

  1. Good article, I enjoyed it. What my tweet failed to encompass was that I seem to get ninja’d by hunters more than any other class. Why? Hunters Mark. I’ll be strollin along wiping mobs and every other one gets tagged with hunter’s mark, almost like they’re doing it on purpose to me. Now I’m not 100% sure that Hunters Mark tags a mob for the hunter or if I could go ahead and hit it anyway, but then *I* would be the ninja then, wouldn’t I? In any event, their pet usually gets to the mob before I do so it usually doesn’t matter. Anyhow, just wanted to explain what a 140 char tweet couldn’t.

  2. Very true, 140 characters doesnt always get the wole point across! Yeah, go ahead and hit a target that ahs the hunters mark, it doesn’t tag em! Alot of hunters will throw the HM up on one target, go after another,t rap a third, and the whole while others think he’s got em all…They can have a tendency to be “mob hogs.” If they do this all th time, over and over again, break the trap, tag the HM target, and have your way with them! Those are the Huntards! Thanks for the comment Sliggy! So glad you’re around to clear it all up! And, on a side note, I’m so glad you came to the guild with us!
    ~Uncle Sy

  3. After a while, when you really “know” how to play the hunter class, anything less than a 3 pull is boring. If you see Halk out farming and he has less than 3 engaged, expect that I am being lazy.

    oh as survival that is less of a tactic because it’s so easy to critstring the aggro off your pet. So I do tend to burn through things in less groups now.

  4. I agree with hunters being the easiest to play for solo’ing. A lot of people new to the game probably choose our class for that reason. Though I hate the generalization. In heroic and raid content the hunter is a lot more complex than other dps classes. Like locks, in the raids that I am in with them, they just apply their DoT’s then spam incinerate. Not much of a rotation IMO. Those who say playing a hunter is easy obviously have never played a MM or SV hunter in raid content.

    As for the Huntard stigma and being tagged the ninja class. This all falls back to simply having more new playes playing hunters as their first toon. Since they are new they dont know the complex aspects of trapping, kiting, agro management, etc. Plus they dont understand the unwritten laws of looting. If this stuff is happening below level 60, then i bet they are new. If this stuff is happening in 70+ content, then they are definitely a huntard and/or ninja.

  5. I think you summed up the plight of the hunter quite nicely. There is just an unfortunate number of bad Hunters out there, which in turn puts the stigma on those that actually know how to play their class effectively (which is why I said most people assume a Hunter is a “Huntard” until proven otherwise, lol).

    That said, my second highest character is a Hunter, and I love her to pieces… she is absurdly fun to play! But since I’ve lvled her solo thus far, I pretty much have no idea how to make her function properly in a group setting. As an experienced player, I have the courtesy to research my role in a group before actually joining one, but I think a lot of inexperienced Hunters don’t realize how different soloing is from grouping… and since the Hunter class attracts a lot of newer players, that problem is bound to happen quite often = /.

    I will definitely check out your site recommendations before I go sticking my Hunter in an unwelcome group, haha ~ I’m all for helping to banish the “huntard” stereotype!! ;D

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