Respect Your Elders… And Git Off Our Lawn!

That’s right baby, For the Horde goes Elderly.  Nim, Sy and Myself have been out over-achieving during the last couple of days and sure enough, its true… We’re all Elderly.  Have a look (but please, no comments about us hiking our pants up above our navels… Nim can’t hear all that good and well Sy… he’s a bit touchy aboot it.  Enjoy!


Elderly Hordies in Org

Elderly Hordies in Org



— Fikkle


May the Horde be with you


6 Responses to “Respect Your Elders… And Git Off Our Lawn!”

  1. Yeah my Druid is one away from having the title on the alliance side. However this guild is kinda sucky and makes me want to go back to being sorta guildless.. hmmm… Gratz on ur titles though guys!

  2. Oh great who’s gonna cook your jello and Ensure? I suspect it’ll be me.

    Maybe I can lure you guys to Borean Tundra and push you off on a piece of ice.

    Yeah..that’s it.

  3. What was that pie? I can’t hear very well, you said you’ll bake us a CAKE? Huh? Speak Up Sonny!

  4. Great shot… although I wish it was a little bigger so we could read the titles. You guys DO look like you’d be pretty cranky without your geritol. Great job! Hope to join you soon…

  5. We’re hoping to see several of you with us soon! Let me know what dungeons you need, we’ll knock em out for ya!

  6. @ Slig – I can’t quite figure out how to get the picture in there so that it will pop up when you click it… and it gets cut off on the right side if you make it any bigger… I should really go to BA and read up…

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