For The Horde, Now With 100% Moar Rock!

Well internethers For The Horde has undergone a bit of a change in management.  Unfortunately, I was unable to kick Sy out on his Roguish behind as per ALL of your requests, something about him having tenure (who knew?) and much to your relief, I will not be going anywhere either.  Now, for your reading pleasure, For The Horde would like to introduce you to the newest Horde Host with the Most, the Brewmaster Cow who brings the pain NOW, the tank who’s Shattrath don’t stank: Nimrock!


Brak and Nim at the Office getting ready for another Day's run

So internethers, stop by, give a /wave and and a big Hordie welcome to Nimrock!


— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you.


2 Responses to “For The Horde, Now With 100% Moar Rock!”

  1. Like he said, I got the tenure! I’m goin NOWHERE!!! And, welcome Nimmy, I’m sooooo glad you came on board!

  2. Can’t we just ban him from the internets?

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