Back in the Saddle

That’s right, I’m back.  The holidays are generally a pretty busy time for me, since its the only time of the year I get to go home and visit my family anymore, and this year work was pretty busy after the holidays which translated into very little wow time for the last three or four weeks.  But this week, I’ve been back in game and tearing it up.  Brak hit 80 a long time ago, but basically didn’t do much once he got there except for a few dailies.  At that point, our server was still locked, so the population was still pretty low, which meant finding PUGs was pretty hard.  But give it a few weeks, and suddenly there is a lot more 80s on the server, especially in guild.  So since I’ve been back I’ve been able to get into a few heroics, do some rep building, and even got invited to join a guild in Obsidian Sanctum.

Right before my latest hiatus, I had started bringing some of 70s to Northrend.  I wasn’t really sure who I wanted to level next.  My Paladin and Druid were prime candidates, since that would give me the option of making a full time tank or healer.  The infamous, original Fikkle, the magical mystical Mage was another option.  Since he’s my tailor/enchanter it made a lot of sense to want to level him and get his professions up in order to be able to make bags and enchant gear.  And the last option was Grim, ye ole trusty hunter.  In the end, Fikkle got leveled to 72, and since I’ve got back I’ve decided to start playing Juris, my Pally.  He’s leveling Ret, and I’m pretty sure I would ultimately like to make him a tankadin, but we’ll see what happens.  He’s a miner/jewelcrafter, so having his professions out there will be a nice little bonus as well.  The funny thing is that when I do log him in, I have a blast playing him.  I did before they made all the “Ret is God” changes too, but its just been fun lately.  I think part of it has to do with the skins in Northrend.  So far, I’ve found that I really love the artwork on almost all of the plate gear, some of the leather and cloth, and none of the mail armor.  I’m sure part of the reason for that is with the new hero class being able to sport plate, Blizz wanted to make it look great.  So whenever Juris puts on a new piece of gear, I enjoy the way he looks. 

Sy has been talking about the Sons of Hodir dailies for over a week now, and since I had no idea about these before I took a break, I was a bit behind.  Brak hit 80 after doing a few quests in Icecrown (coming from Zul’Drak) so he basically had never been to Storm Peaks.  Anyways, most of the night tonight was spent going through the long quest chain to get caught up.  Now, most of my guildies really enjoyed this quest chain.  Although I’m not sure why, I didn’t.  Maybe part of it was that since I’m already 80, I don’t really wanna drudge through really long quest chains.  Also, since I knew there were dailies there that I needed to start doing, I wanted to just do the dailies and move on, rather than spend the entire evening going through the quest chain to get them done.  Either way, I got to neutral with them and then decided to call it a night.

Brak’s still saving for his epic flyer too.  On Friday I had about 500g saved up between Brak and Fikkle.  I decided to put all of my professions on hold for the time being, and to start selling things that I’d been hanging on to since Wrath hit.  That meant I posted a whole bunch of auctions, mostly of eternals (life) and of herbs.  I didn’t realize just how many stacks of herbs that I had saved up until I started to post it all on the AH.  Anyways, all said and done, I’m sitting at a nice 2700g, which is a pretty solid earning for a weekend.  Part of that is from all the questing I did today as well, but its still a nice chunk of change.

The other thing that I worked on was the Lunar Festival title achievement.  Saturday I went through all of Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend and honored all of the Elders, including the capital city elders.  A few more minutes spent throwing rockets and fire works around got me a few more achievements and then some great timing in Moonglade allowed me to show up right as the big white pooch was dying.  Lastly, I made my way through all of the vanilla wow dungeons (mostly with Sy) to pick up those coins and then Me, Sy, Nim, Astenian and Psychochone ran Utgarde Pinnacle earlier today to get the elder from there.  So as far as the title goes, I only have the other Northrend dungeons left to go, and I’m hoping with some luck that we can have those done by next weekend.  Than you can call me Elder Brak. 😉

And finally, I swear, last thing, promise.  Grats to Sy who is now rockin around Northrend not only on his Cenarion War Hippogryph, but his Albino Drake and sporting the fancy title of Ambassador Gozz.  Nice going chump.  Now I hate you fer reals!

I’m out.



May the Horde be with you.


2 Responses to “Back in the Saddle”

  1. Thanks for the great words about my new title, and my fancy new ride! I’m suddenly realizing that I want to e a completist on Gozz…this means going back and doing all of the old world reps, secondary professions….ys, I may start fishing, even though I have vowed in the past to destroy all things fishing…. Anyway, I’m going to switch to an engineer from skinning, but I’m not going to do it until I have every item on the profession grinding guide I’m following. I got a while to skin! I’m going to do this the right way, rather than buy all the mats, Imma farm em!

    Welcome back to the game dude, lets take Northrend by storm, and claim it for Ashes!!!!
    ~Uncle Sy

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