Earn your Brownie Points Boy Scout!

Nimrock from The Wow Commoner and I were talking on vent the other day while destroying baddies on separate ends of Azeroth. He was telling me about a few new players he has adopted as his “noobs.” They come to him with questions, he provides simple answers that get straight to the point, and don’t involve a ton of explanation and theory crafting.  I was quite proud of Nimmy. Taking on a huge task of being someones go-to-guy when there is no one else to go to.

I have taken up the gauntlet, and following in Mr. Nimrock’s footsteps I have found my own little nublit. I don’t want to throw his name out here, that might be a bit embarrassing, and no one likes for everyone to know you are a nublit. Truth be told, we were all nublits at one point, some still more of a nub than others!(if you could see me now, sitting in my computer chair, with my hand high in the air, you would all know I have my nublit moments.) My new player, that terminology sounds so much better than nublit….oh well, Imma call him a nublit! My nublit came to me one day wandering the streets of Orgrimmar asking for enchants. He wasn’t begging for gold, he wasn’t yelling in trade chat where is this, where is that, help me, help me help me…He was being polite. Courteous if you will in his approach. He was a lowly level 17 troll hunter, rolling around with a shiny orange pet raptor at his side. I thought to myself, maybe he’s going to be twinkling at lvl 19 for a while, or maybe he has a main, and this is just a goof around toon. Something. He didn’t come across in his speaking as a nublit. This was good. I asked him what enchants he would be needing, and I linked my list of chants for him via a private tell. He invited me to party, so we continued our conversation about enchants. I then realized he had no clue about  them. I gave him a basic run down of what enchants were, how one gets the materials for enchanting, and a brief summary of why it wasn’t worth paying the high price for enchants when one levels through gear so fast at lower levels. ( I should have listened to my own speech there, my lowbie rogue is costing me a fortune, but she likes her shiny’s!)

After this I decided, heck, my main is a hunter, lets see what gear he is wearing. Then it hit me, okay this guy doesn’t know what gear to be getting…He was at least getting gear, most of his armor was within one to two levels of where he was at the time. The problem though, was the stats he was picking up. He had several pieces with spirit and strength on them. I spent some time telling him about stats, and what stats are good for a hunter to get on his gear.  I then asked about his play history, how long he had been playing the game, what other toons he had, and realized I had the perfect candidate. I had my own little nublit, who was eager to learn the information, and wanted to learn it, but had always been shot down in trade channel.

The trade channel is the devil for nublits. The Devil Bobby. If you have a “noob” question, never, and I can’t stress that enough, NEVER  ask a noob question in trade channel. That’s another post all in itself, in fact, I’m writing that topic idea down…..Okay, I’m back.

The past two days, as I have logged in to check auctions, send mats to people, etc, there he was, asking me questions. This is a good thing. When I started playing Wow, I had a good friend who was playing right along side me, and already had a high level toon that helped me get started. he didn’t hold my hand, and coddle me along, but was there for questions and to the point explanations. Everyone needs a wow buddy like this. If I can be this to that one person, and then when he grows up to be “uberleet” and takes on a nublit of his own, then together we will all be building up the wow community as a whole.

This is my challenge Wow Community. Take on a nublit, teach it in the ways of the force…wait, wrong reference, train him up to defend the Horde at all costs. ( We all know you Alliance out there don’t care about the nublits….just kidding!) So get out there, help out a nublit, don’t be an enabler, show them where to find answers as well, teach them to learn for themselves, and together we will strengthen our numbers!


6 Responses to “Earn your Brownie Points Boy Scout!”

  1. It’s hard to believe a lvl 17 player doesn’t know how to get their stuff enchanted. I don’t remember at what lvl I got my first enchantmet done though. The fist time I played, I was lucky to being helped out by my boyfriend and another guy from Chile (who we meet in the game and then became very good friends), we always partied together and complete qsts… Since that was the first time playing WoW for we all 3, we always had to look for walkthroughs, which is kinda slow way to play.
    I wish I would’ve had a leet Wow buddy at that time. I try to help out people whenever I can, specially n00bs… (Not those that are spamming the trade channel begging for gold though)

    -La Malegria otra vez-

  2. I am more of a fan of finding a group of like minded players, of equel level. I think this forces you to figure it out for yourself, but when it comes right down too it, not everyone finds that. For those people, we should step up, not for the “can I haz gold” bunch we seem to be breeding these days!

  3. That is very good. When I first started playing I didnt know crap. I went for items with the highest amount of armor and didnt really know what I should be putting talent points into. Needless to say I died a lot. I eventually did get a sort of mentor who was the Guild Leader of my first guild. If someone has legit questions for me, I am more than happy to help out. As long as it is not a request for gold etc.

  4. Funny thing, I adopted a nublet of my own. His name is Sylus. Some people call him Uncle Sy. But he is a nublet none the less. Anyways, for my nublets first lesson, we’re going to be giving him a rundown of the difference between grey gear and purple gear…. Gotta love our little nublets.

    — Fikkle

  5. I should have known better than to take the high road! I didnt say anything about Fikkle being a nublet, I was going to let him off the hook for disappearing for what, 2-3 months? That’s okay, I’ll let it slide! Truth be told, I had a lvl capped hunter and was working on my rogue (Sy)when Fikkle started playing. That’s where the fikkle and sylus combo came in. If I had been on my hunter when we met, would it have been Gozz and fikkle? I guess we’ll never know!
    The One, The Only,
    ~Uncle Sy

  6. Reminds me of my first days on wow on my warlock. Didn’t know much of anything except the knowledge I had retained from years of EQ and UO etc so it wasn’t all that bad.

    Still, asking any kind of questions was immediately responded by by flames and there was literally no one to help or willing to help.

    WoW in itself was very sobering in this regard, UO was always a more helpful environment and even EQ wasn’t that hostile.

    I decided to go out and read blogs, information sites and whatnot and before long I knew things that made me look like just another main’s alt… which in turn invited plenty of ridicule about my lacking gear due to not having any gold to get some.

    If I hadn’t enjoyed the game in my first few days the chatter on trade and public channels would’ve probably chased me back to EQ or consider eve… it was a close call for wow alltogether.

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