Catch up with Sy!

Hello everyone! First off, let me say that I feel your pain. I know how hard it can be to go so long without posts from your favorite “Hordies.” I thought I would take a few minutes to share with everyone what has been going on in the world of Sy. (BTW, the world of Sy is a strange and magical place, full of sci-fi references, fantasy novels, and the occasional war movie…oh, and cheeto’s, there are plenty of cheeto’s in the world of Sy.) 

It has been a very eventful holiday season, and break for me. As few of you know, I’ve been back to school for one semester, and have a few more to go. This leaves ample wow time during the normal college breaks. I’ve had plenty of time to play wow since mid-December.  I’ve hit 80 on my hunter Gozz, and have had a blast starting to run heroics. Granted, it has taken him a bit at 80 to prep for heroics. I’ve seen several people write about how as a hunter, hit 80 and start heroics. This is fine, you probably could. Not me. I wanted to be ready to hit heroics running. This has had it’s pro’s and cons for sure. I went out and bought the Nessingwary 4000. This was a great buy in my opinion. The mats are usually pretty outrageous on this one. I happened to log in very early one Sunday morning, and low and behold, got ALL of the mats for under 1000 gold. I was pretty impressed. I found a wonderful engineer who was happy to make me this great piece of machinery, and after I gave him a sizable tip ( I keep those that keep me happy, happy) I was on my way to get a gem and scope to make sure she was flight ready! I then started looking at what craftable epic gear would be worthy of my time. The trick to this one is to know people that know people. In this case, I knew Halkale, from For the Pie. He’s our guild leather worker extraordinaire. Along with another guildie, Byaki, we headed out to storm peaks to begin farming up the Eternal Air, and Eternal Water we would both need for the Giantmain bracers and legs. We came close to having all the mats for both of us, but were short like 5 waters by the end of the night to make all 4 items (two each). After we finally had these two pieces together, I started saving for my neckpiece and ring, both of which are not cheap, and I still don’t have as of yet. The dragon’s eye are the tricky ones here. Jewelcrafters get one of these a day from their crafting daily, and they need them to turn in for patterns…so finding them for cheap is almost impossible…Okay, at this point has proven impossible for me to find cheap! I have all of the other mats, and am just waiting on the 8, count em 8 dragon’s eye I need for these two amazing pieces. I’ve also picked up some amazing gloves, found them from a guy who needed gold fast, and sold ’em amazingly cheap, so cheap I can’t mention it here for fear of bodily harm! Now, I’m running Heroics with a new dps BM spec, and my two dps spec’d pets, the giant LSD wasp of doom, and the Spirit Beast.  I’m not gonna lie, I did look at BRK‘s spec for raiding when I put mine together, I did make a few tweaks as to what I thought would work for me, but hey, an orc’s gotta do what an orc’s gotta do right? I mean, come on, he knows his stuff!

So, I hope this explains a bit as to why I have been a very neglectful blogger. Other than that I’ve been healing the occasional instance with my priest, Kohen(still a lowly 71), leveling skinning on my rogue Sylus( still a  lowlie lvl 70, adn will be until his skinning is caught up), and playing the occasionally lowbie when the people I love aren’t around, or are getting on my nerves! Just kidding, I love you all! Before I go, I have to make one more shameless plug. I’ve shown this video to many of my friends, and they all know I’m obsessed with it as of late. I’m normally not the machinema fan boy type, but this is tooo cool for school! Check out The Craft of War: Blind. This is soooo cool, I am now in love with female blood elf rogues!

So, I hope this marks the return to blogging, as I have had a blast catching everyone up, and therefore expect more great things to come from For the Horde!



5 Responses to “Catch up with Sy!”

  1. wooo, Wall of text crits you for 20k.

  2. Yes, I got very critty on this one!

  3. Actually, Dragon’s Eyes are purchased with Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Tokens, which are the reward from the Jewelcrafting daily.

  4. Okay, you got me, yes, it is a reward for the daily quest, but they can still only get one per day!

  5. Stephanie Says:

    Hey Sy!!
    I know I haven’t been on a whole lot since I joined, we’ve been struggling just like the rest of the US with this “eco crisis” (I love how they think they have to come up with BIG words for something like. “The economy has gone to heck”) Anyway, its sounding like at least another couple weeks and then I’ll probably be back. Maybe not as a paladin though 😛 I’m thinking maybe a mage… Idk yet.. Anyway, miss hanging with you guys! (I might pop in to say hi soon I hope)


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