World of Warcraft Reaches New Milestones!

Thank you all for playing world of Warcraft, the most popular MMO to date. Due to our awesome marketing department, and our extreme love of money, we have added more players to our community, bringing wow subscribers to 11.5 Million!!! What this means to you, the loyal subscriber, is after we have offered you server transfers, to BRAND NEW servers, we are going to make it the recommended realm!!! Congratulations! Enjoy your Que, I mean stay!

Okay, so maybe that was harsh, but seriously, Q times on a brand new server? Thanks guys. Sorry if I am in a bitter mood today, but the authentication server is down, along with a whole slew of servers. But really folks, what does it matter what servers are down, if noone can authenticate to get to our “up” server??? Okay, I better go watch TV.
Bitter for the moment,


4 Responses to “World of Warcraft Reaches New Milestones!”

  1. Dude, I’m so with you on this. I was shocked/stunned/disappointed when I had to queue for Dawnbringer the other day. I mean, we moved our entire guild! You’d think they would have had a limit on it for the first month or something. Not very well planned.

  2. I expected high pop during the holidays.

    The fact that they made this new overflow server a reccommended server right before the holidays boggles me though.

    Sadly WOWcrack is hard habit to break.

    Though sometimes I wish I was playing the text based RPG I played before WOW. Of course they still had major issues too.

  3. Dear Mr. GM, I think we should do this. Just sayin.

  4. interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

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