All Win Baby! Now to name her…..



8 Responses to “I HAZ SPIRIT!!!!”

  1. Woot grats!

    uh, in other news I’m no longer lazyfying my blogroll…what should I classify 4 the Horde under? (going by class, multi-class, etc.)

  2. Wow, I read that last sentence as “Now to TAME him” and completely didn’t get what this was all about.
    Congrats! =)

  3. Grats!!!! Ive put in about 15 hours of SB Watch and I need to pick a day and do another marathon run through there.

  4. I’d go with class…yeah, we got class,lol, na, I’d say multi-class, as we are pretty much all over the place!

  5. gratz sy.

    I assume this was a morning thing since you logged off about the same time I did last night.

    I am still not sure I want one.

  6. You haz spirit? maybe, but you still haz no soul…. Nimrock haz all the soul!

  7. Woo! Conga rats! What an awesome looking cat!

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