The Recap

Recap: Short version

 Leveled to 80 in about 10 days with Vrugore keeping up until about 77.  He’s since hit 80 as well.  Grats dude!  Tried to find groups for level 80 instances or heroics.  Phailed epicly.  Respec’d, a bagazillion times.  Don’t like Resto.  Love Enhance.  LOVE Enhance.  Tried finding more groups for endgame content.  Phailed epicly, again.  Did some dailies.  Took a two week break from the game.  Now I’m back and gonna be leveling Fikkle! /gasp.

Recap: Wall of text crits you for a bagazillion version

 So, after the release, Vrugore and I got to steppin.  The first night we took some time to do a bit of Northern exploring.  We went to Howling Fjord but then decided to head to Borean Tundra so that he could pick up a Rhino.  Instead of taking the short cut back, we decided to run all the way across the continent and pick up flight paths along the way.  It turned out to be extremely rewarding.  Some of the landscapes, as I’m sure you all know were absolutely breathtaking.  I took a ton of screenshots.  Everything just seems much more vivid and clear and amazing.  I was really impressed.  Since both Vrug and myself had quite a bit of playtime, we continued leveling through Northrend content, taking out Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, Sholazar and Zul’Drak before hitting 80.  I decided to use Jame’s Horde Leveling Guides for the leveling process.  I’ve used his guides before, and they have always been extremely well put together.  While they may not be intuitively the way you would do things, they do increase the efficiency of leveling quite a bit.  I’d recommend them to anyone, if not for the efficiency than at least for the completeness of them.  Having used his guides, I managed to completely explore almost all of the zones while questing, and picked up all of the questing achievements for the zones I used his guide for.  While an experienced player would tend to zip through the guide, maximizing experience and minimizing downtime, someone interested in the storyline of the game and what’s happening would still find it extremely useful because they would be getting to see almost everything.  Unfortunately, at release, he only had the guide copleted for Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra and Dragonblight, up to the Wrathgate event.  I’ve heard that he’s since finished the Grizzly Hills guide as well, and I plan to continue using his guides for my alts.  Now, I can tell you that Nimrock with a  k, over at WoW Commoner, he likes to pick up a bunch of quests and wander around a zone killing things until he gets a bunch of completed messages.  There’s nothing wrong with that approach, and I know he has a lot of fun doing that, especially while RP Crafting.  I just have a different style, and the guides come in really handy for me.  If anyone is interested in using them (he has Alliance guides as well), they can be found at WoWPro.  Just to be clear, they are completely free, and Jame throws a lot of hard work into them. 

Moving on, I know Sy just completed the Wrathgate event, and Vrug and I did it fairly early on.  We couldn’t stop talking about it, and if you haven’t had a chance to do it yet, work on the quests in Dragonblight until you do, it is well worth it.  I think the developers put a good deal of work into it and they did an amazing job with it.  Afterwards, while we were retaking the Undercity, Vrug was whispering to a friend of his who was leveling his DK at the time.  While we were waiting outside the Undercity for the event to start, chillin with Thrall, Sylvannus and Vol’jin, Vrug was telling him how epic the quest chain is.  Daegonus replied that his hero class character was picking up crates for his quest.  Truly epic, lol. 

I managed to play through the rest of the content and hit 80.  Not even close to a server first, but I was the first in the guild, which was kinda cool.  From there, I tried and phailed to find groups for heroics.  I did manage to get into the new Naxx with a guild that needed a healer.  I respeced Resto and through on my healy gear and did it up.  We didn’t make it very far.  We kept wiping on the guy who hits you with an exploding cloud.  People couldn’t figure out how to make it work and one of the tanks had to call it fairly soon after that, but it was cool in of itself to at least get a peak at it.  Healing is stressful though.  Especially when people start dying.  /Salute to all you healy types out there that do that on a regular basis. 

After that I decided to take a break from the game.  Dawnbringer being a fairly new server meant that there was very few PUGs around and the ones that were only needed healers.  I didn’t feel like staying resto, especially when I almost never got to roll on any Enhance gear, so I decided a break was in order.  I wasn’t so much burned out as bored.  Without any guildies high enough to go through content with, it seemed like a good time to take a break.  I did manage to level Juris (my BElf Pally) from 64 to 70, which was quite cool.  He’s kinda sitting in limbo at the moment, but I’m sure he’ll get some play time soon.

Since I got back, I’ve picked up ye ole mage again.  After having not played him since Hallow’s End, I actually found a whole bunch of stuff in his bank that was junk.  He also had mounts and non-combat pets that I hadn’t put in his spellbook yet, as well as holiday quests from Hallows End, and Brewfest.  But with Brak sitting at 80, he needs enchants, and well, I’m cheap.  I’d much rather level my own enchanting and enchant his stuff with Fikkle than pay someone else to do it.  I also wanted to level my tailoring so that I can start to make some 20 slot bags.  I mean I have six toons at or above 70 now, with another three or five sitting at 60.  That’s a lot of bags.  So Fikkle started to hit the Fjord, following Jame’s guide as well.  He’s rocking quite a bit of Merciless gear, as well as a few raiding pieces I had stashed in the bank.  I’m finding that the overall grind is taking much longer, but Fikkle is much more survivable now.  I’m pretty sure he hasn’t even died yet, knock on wood.  I know the quest line in the Fjord where you have to kill Rune Giants and then use a mining pick on them was solo’able by Fikkle, whereas Brak needed a group.  Being able to bomb them from range without even getting hit helps.  Well see how it plays out as he gets up there, but that’s the plan for now.  He’s sittiing at about halfway to 71 at the moment and I’m hoping to get him to 71 before the holidays start, which is Friday for me.  I have a nice long 18 hour travel day coming up, but I should be home for the holidays by noon on Saturday.  So play time will likely be very minimal as I get to spend some time with the family, but I’m hoping not to be completely absent.  And I’m looking forward to getting to hang out with Vrug again.  We’ve been friends for years, but its been a while since I’ve seen him, what with the whole serving across the country thing and all.   But anyways, Happy Winter’s Veil to all, and to all a good night!

— Fikkle Clause

May the Horde be with you


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