Breaking News! Fikkle MIA No More!

It has been my pleasure, for the past few nights, to see that Fikkle is in fact NOT dead, as rumor had it! He’s back on vent, and back in game, stomping around and tearing up dawnbringer again! 


In other news, Gozz is about a bubble away from 78, rocking the flying mount, and Absolutely in love with the wrathgate quest chain!!!! Like so many other bloggers have said, when the game went black for the cut scene, I almost pooped myself thinking I had broken my computer or something! Luckily it was just one of the most awesome cut scenes in the history of World of Warcraft! It was EPIC! I have the high def version downloaded to my laptop! Then the follow up quests that have you going through undercity and taking it back from the Varamathris, WOW!!!  My plans are to hit 80 this weekend, and start the arduous task of leveling my priest to 80. It will be long, hard, and of course, fun! Now to start saving the gold for all of the mounts and flying skills he needs….That part will suck!

See you in Northrend!



3 Responses to “Breaking News! Fikkle MIA No More!”

  1. You know, since you are planning on leveling your priest, I was thinking… Now that I’ve pulled Fikkle out of the Mages Oldtimer’s Club and started to play again, I could always use a few heals as I spread the massive quantities of magical uber dps.

    /waves open hand in front of sylus’ face

    “These are not the droids you’re looking for… and you will be my healbot…”

  2. I have Gert at 69, so I could be your tank too. He’s prot right now.

  3. I’m down with whatever, but I promised nim I’d be his pocket healer…unless he wants to lvl one of his 70’s with this group, maybe a few instance runs to get our synergy down?

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