Senergy Baby, Senergy!


Kohen dinged the use to be Big 7-Oh last night. That use to mean something, now, it just means I have ten more levels to go! Last night Nimrock, Rayha, Kamaru, Daegonus and I stomped through Utgard again. I picked up 2 nice upgrades, Kam got one. All in all it was a great clothie run! We’ve become obsessed with the giant pets that are produced from ol’ Papa Hummel’s biscuits. Actually, they are called Papa Hummel’s Old Fashioned Pet Biscuits. They double the size of your non-combat pets. You get these biscuits out of the trading card game, as a loot card, in a stack of 50. I’ve killed off about half of my stack, so I’ll probably be swinging by Ebay for a few more cards,lol.

I’m not sure if it’s me getting better at healing, or if the group we have been taking into instances the past two days is improving. I’m guessing the later, but either way, it has been so much fun running instances again! Working together, completing a common goal, it just gets my blood pumping! We got Senergy baby, senergy!


Okay, this piece of trash wouldn’t let me get rid of the white space at the bottom….Maybe fikkle can help me!



Fik, you out there???



8 Responses to “Senergy Baby, Senergy!”

  1. […] I started tanking. Just ask Slig or Sy how that went. Alright, so tanking those instances may not be a huge deal, but I was happy with the […]

  2. I’ll try to fix it at lunch… Yes, I am still alive… I think I’m just waiting on the res sickness… be back online tonight… dum, dum, dum…

    que evil laughter


  3. Hey I just wanted to hit you guys up and see how things were, met the crew at the GameStop Release of WotLK..

    Drama ensued after I met ya’ll. 🙂 Sooooo Where might I find you fine guys to possibly reroll horde?? -queues dun dun dun-



  4. We are currnetly on the Dawnbringer server…unfortunatly it is locked for the time being…As soon as it is unlocked come on in and say hi. You can meet up with the gang! You officially met Sylus(aka Gozz, Kohen), Nimrock, Spiffie, and Prosecutor. With the Ques reaching and hour and a half, we all jumped at the chance to get to a low pop server! You said drama ensued, care to elaborate? Email me the story, I’m always looking for a good drama story! Who were you at the game stop event? we met several people, and all were so much fun to hang out with for the almost three hours we were standing there! Glad you stopped by, keep coming around, maybe you will know way to much about us soon, and decide not to come by when the server gets unlocked!!!

  5. Hey, its good to hear we may be getting some fresh blood…. I mean, new recruits… I always get so confused… Anyways, sorry to hear about the past drama, but I’m always open to having cool peeps join us.

    I’m hoping they don’t keep the server locked for too long, I know that there are some guildies that still have alts to transfer. Either way, keep stopping by. And don’t worry about the smell, I’m sure Sylus will take a bath sometime this month.


  6. If he doesn’t I’ll drive down and drop him in the Neosho

  7. Ok, so considering I haz no e-mail addy for stinky Sy, I’ll post a reply here and uh bring ya’ll up to speed on what exactly played out.

    I think I mentioned that there were like 3 of us that play together all of the time. (Needless to say, that’s about as good as it gets because too many people taking my attention and one of them gets pissy [Yinzo].) Anyway, we were on Hyjal until release when all of a sudden Yinzo decided he wanted to go to a new low pop. (blast him.) So he talked me into moving to Fizzcrank. Yep, We’re locked too.. Dangit.. Anyway, Yinzo’s finally pushed his last stupid move and I’ve decided that his crap can stay rolled up in his butt. At the moment my boyfriend (who also plays on my account for the time being) and I have decided that we really need a new start and a new hideout.
    If you are really interested in checking me out to see how crappy my gear can be I can leave some armory links for some of my characters.
    For the most part I’m just ready for a change of pace and I’ve always wanted to try playing Horde, I just never meet anyone cool enough to keep my attention.
    In general, I’ve heard the horde are a hell of a lot nicer than the pricks that play alliance.. (and I’m all for being around the nice guys)

    And since Sy can’t remember who all he’s met, I’m the alliance Resto Druid that drives the crappy chevy truck. (lol)
    I’m sure that pictures will help him remember who I am.
    I’ve left my myspace page for ya Sy.

    I’ll be around…

  8. There are jerks on the horde side too.

    I think you’ll find our guild is pretty close and tend to be supportive of whatever hairbrained idea you have.

    Like rolling 1231208 shaman…/cough

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