My First Northrend Instances

Seriously. It has been a very very crazy month folks. My classes have gotten out of hand busy, my family has had so many get togethers( everyone’s birthdays are in November and December) and I’ve been getting more substitute teaching gig’s on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Crazy. Just Crazy. Needless to say, my wow playtime has been minimal.

With all of that out of the way, I’ll update you on my toons. Our guild made a mass exodus to Dawnbringer server. We all had the “Que Blues” due to huge login waits right after Wrath was released. The worst I ever suffered was an hour and a half. It SUCKED. If anyone is looking for us on Cenarian Circle, sorry, you won’t find us. Abadon, my hunter, is back to his original name- Gozz. He was Gozz way back in his Earthen Ring days. Gozz is up to almost 76. He lacks almost 6 bubbles to hit the mark. Sylus, is still sitting at 70, but, I did get him to Borean Tundra to work on his Leatherworking. He’s 415ish. Gozz, being a skinner, can send him all of the mats and Sy can pump out the goods. My Priest, who use to be known as Illwynd, is now Kohen, and is healing instances in Northrend. He lacks a few bubbles from 70, but is rocking the heals.

Kohen went into Utgard Keep and Nexus last night. It was a blast. The first group we brought in was Kohen healing, Nimrock tanking, with Rayha, Slig, and Kam (all guildies) rounding out the DPS. We hit a few snags (I’m blaming the fact that I went in healing my very first instance as a healer, and I was only lvl 69. We wiped once each on the first two bosses in Utgard, and from what I had heard about the last boss, I was worried we wouldn’t get through the instance. We DESTROYED the final boss, with no deaths in the group. I attribute that to everyone making great use of the pillars, and a sweet healer to boot.

The Nexus was just as fun. We only wiped once, and it was due to bad timing of the rifts on the first boss. Other than that, it was smooth. I got a pair of boots I can’t wear for one more level, but hey, I got em. That group was Kohen healing, Nimrock tanking, Rayha, Slig, and Vulgore rounding out the DPS. All in all a great first two experiences in Northrend instances. Also, great first time healing experience for me! I think I’m going to level Kohen in instances from here to 80. That way I don’t have to worry about questing. He’s pretty much a healbot anyway.

I did get a sweet screen shot of Utgard as we were heading back to the entrance after the last boss went down. It’s now my background on my gaming rig. Enjoy. With that, I have to get to class. I’m already late, but oh well, I needed to talk to you all! Have fun, and I’ll try to keep this updated a bit more!

Beautiful View

Beautiful View



One Response to “My First Northrend Instances”

  1. One thing I can say for Northrend is that it sure looks bee-you-tee-full. I do the whole alt-z, Print Scrn combo pretty frequently. My desktop background has changed about a dozen times in the last month.

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