Holiday Busyness, and School-Time Woe’s!

Hello blogger world! It’s been a long time. How ya been? Really, wow, that’s interesting. How’s your family? Awesome, great to hear. Well, I guess I better get back to this, although it’s been great talking to you, make sure you stop by and say hi!

It has been so busy here in Sylus-land(aka south east Kansas)! The semester is winding down, thanksgiving has come and gone…well, sort of gone, it left me with a few extra lbs, and a crap-ton of left overs! All of this business has left me with very little time for my Azerothian endeavours. Not that I haven’t had time to stick my head in game and say hi every now and then…In fact, I’ve gotten ol’ Gozz the hunter up to 74, so I have put in a fair amount of time. I have two more major projects to finish up before this semester wraps up, and only two weeks to do them in. It’s hard to believe that in two weeks all I will have to do is a final a day for like 4 days, and I’m done with this semester. Then, maybe I’ll get some more time in Azeroth! I haven’t even had a chance to talk to the Fikkle in a while either….I wonder if Canada still has Internet, I haven’t seen a post from him, or seen him on line in a few days….granted, I haven’t been on in a few days either! So, I’m just letting you all know, yes it may be a slow spot in my blogging career, but I haven’t left you!



4 Responses to “Holiday Busyness, and School-Time Woe’s!”

  1. You fellas are on Cenarion Circle right? The boy and I are currently living it up on the Horde side of things there. Soon to bring over my priestie (today’s post).

  2. Actually, we were kicking it on CC, but with horrendous Que times, and a small guild, we all took the free server transfer to dawnbringer….Sorry dude, when they unlock the server, come on over and say hi! we don’t bite…well, pie does sometimes…

  3. A fellow blogger and his guild ( are on Dawnbringer. Horde side. Might want to say hi if you read up on him and haven’t yet!

    I might pop over some day. I knew the queues wouldn’t last, so I stayed on CC. The same thing happened when Burning Crusade came out. It was just a matter of waiting a couple weeks and all is back to normal again. No queue times.

  4. Look for me on Kohen, or Gozz! Fikkle is on hiatis for the moment, sort of a sabatical if you will!

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