Wrath Release Night Goodness!

I would first like to take this opportunity to say that I am truly sorry for not getting this up as fast as I would have liked to, it was a short day, and a much longer day than I had anticipated today!

Hello Community! Last night was awesome! Nimrock, Spiffie, and myself saddled up the ol’ van and headed south, to Pittsburg. We ended up second third and fourth in line at the door, which is always good. We spent the  next forty five minutes until the store opened up having a wonderful conversation with a guy named Joel. Joel plays an alliance mage, but he’s still cool! In fact, by the end of the night it was about a 2:1 ratio of Alliance to Horde. I was pretty thorough about asking everyone that came through the doors(well, right up until the end when I was waiting in line to grab my collectors edition)

So, back to the “data” I collected from everyone. I was trying to keep this pretty simple. First off, because I’m a simple person, secondly, because I wanted to be able to move quickly through the massive crowds…of like 70ish people… Okay, so it wasn’t a MASSIVE event, but it was a blast!  I asked everyone three basic questions: Alliance or Horde?, What is your main(race and class)? , and how old are you? This went over better than expected with some of the female gamers. Frankly, I expected to get hit a few times. Why would I expect to get hit a few times you may be asking? Well, the lady-folk don’t like to tell how old they are, coupled with the fact that these particular lady-folk play world of warcraft…I assumed this to be a highly volatile combination!

So, we had 49 alliance, to 24 horde. We were outnumbered my friends. Meh, I pretended I was entering a wsg or eye battleground…that’s about par for us sometimes! The trend that shocked me the most was by far the average ages of the people playing each faction.  The youngest player I talked too was 17. Granted it was a school night, so most of the alliance was in bed, I assume,lol.  The oldest was 49. The average age of alliance players was 28.5. The average age of Horde players was 23.875. Okay, so this didn’t end up proving my theory that all alliance players are 12 years old and love names like PWNDADDY. I’m just going assume my test group was too small, and all of the test group were picking up for their 12 year olds at home…yeah, that’s it!

I know I’ve poked fun at the alliance in this post, but trust me, it’s all in good fun! I have a few alliance toons, none above 22 granted….but I still have them! I want to say that I have a great respect for the wow community. I had a blast chatting with everyone, and am soooo looking forward to meeting up with a few more of you in random encounters, and future expansion parties! I hope to hear from a few of you guys here on the site, if not, no worries, I know I was just the weird guy asking you for your personal wow information!

I’m throwing a few pictures at you here. Enjoy, and if you see yourself, say hi!


7 Responses to “Wrath Release Night Goodness!”

  1. Very cool! I’m in KC, MO myself. Didn’t realize you were so close. Small world. 🙂 Horde, 32, Troll Rogue & Warrior.

    My stats will tip the 50% scale for you. 🙂

  2. Aboo, nice to meet you, even scarier, the fact that FTP, AKA For the Pie, is ALSO from KC! Stop by sometime Cenarian Circle, Look up anyone in Waraxe, they can point you in the right direction!

  3. Yeah, but he’s a Miserian!

    But he’s horde so I guess it’s okay!

  4. If it makes a difference, I was born in Salina and raised on a farm 12 miles south of Abiline. Then I escaped to the world of high-speed internet and I have yet to return! Hah!

  5. The internet has arrived here in kansas, and high speed as well! No more squirrel powered internet providers!

  6. Shhh don’t tell them that!

    We want to keep some folks out of the state.

    I am sure Aboo is good people, but he might tell some others and they tell someone and they…you get the picture.

  7. Yeah, good point, aboo has to be somewhat good, he does play horde! But yeah, shut your mouth aboo, tell noone, or Pie will hunt you down!

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