The Day is Upon Us!

Okay, last call for blog fans to come out and say hi tonight at the Pittsburg Kansas Gamestop from ten PM to midnight! Yes, that’s right, the day you have all been looking forward to is upon us! Tonight, after weeks of the Lich King’s flunkies mucking up our game world, from the infected crates that caught so many of us off guard, to the all out attacks in the major cities….Now it’s time to bring the fight to him! That’s right, tonight, Horde and Alliance, all factions aside, we rally together to monkey-stomp in Northrend!

Now, with that being said, flag up, I’ll still probably try to stab you in the back with the rogue, LOLsmite you with the priest, or have my pet chew on you like a two dollar chew toy with the hunter! But, back to the matter at hand, where was I? Oh yeah, Lich King…If you can meet me at the gamestop tonight, awesome, ask me for a sticker, card, or magnet! I have some stickers made up, in black and white, or white and black. In fact, why talk about em, here they are…I’m a fan of the white on black personally…


I have a few people that are meeting there for sure:

 Nimrock from the WowCommoner,

Spiffie, from our guild Waraxe

Prosecutor, also from our guild Waraxe

I’m bringing a camera, video and still, as well as a voice recorder, I plan on getting some stuff to put up on the blog ASAP, so check back tomorrow for some updates to the blog on all of the release party fun!

~Uncle Sy


8 Responses to “The Day is Upon Us!”

  1. yoi yoi!!!

    after being off of work yesterday and not being able to play because of some mail issue (mail issue?! come on people) i’m itching so bad to get over there and get that box and get mah DK on!

    and I miss seeing you in the world of wowcraft and the world of real-life…craft.


  2. I can haz sticker?

  3. @Nim – I miss you in reallife-craft as well

    @Pie – Sure, you can haz sticker!

  4. I expect to be mailed a sticker… Cause they are all WIN and I needz one.

    Btw, the other thing that we were talking about a few weeks back with the changes to the stuff to make the thing different so we could make the other stuff, ya, we need to get back on that. Call me on skype tonight.

  5. how late you gonna be up? I won’t get home till after 1am my time….so, let me know!

  6. /reserve [White Horde Symbol on Black Background]

  7. Don’t forget to call our voicemail at 206-203-4546 and leave TNB a cool message from the “event”!!

  8. Those are slick stickers!

    I’m still waiting to see if any blogger plans on doing a midnight bash near Seattle. I’ve yet to see a single one, so I think that the significant other and I will be just running out to get our games and then fleeing to the confines of our home afterwards!

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