Add-On Goodness

I was strolling through twitterland today, and I found a request for more blogs about addons. I thought to myself, I can do that. I have several addons, and know how to install them, so I thought, what the heck, lets give this a whirl!

The first thing you have to ask yourself before installing an addon is, what addon do I want? I have a list of addons that I use, most of them I have used for a long time, but some, I have just recently picked up after the echo’s of doom patch.

An old favorite of mine is Xpearl. Xpearl is an interface addon, or UI as the techy-geek-speak people say. This changes the way your portrait looks, it can change the size of your party and raid icons, buffs, and changes the positioning of these as well.

I’ve recently picked up bartender 4. This addon lets you re-size, move, key-bind, and add more bars to your interface. This one is daunting when you load it up, and all of your bars are all over the screen. I’d hold off on this one if you are new to the addon business.

Cartographer is a must have map addon. Once you use it, it will be hard to go back. This allows you to have coordinates on your map, make notes about quests, mark places on your map, re-size your map, and many other great features.

Auctioneer. Auctioneer is the money-maker of addons. If you use the addon right, you can eventually know market values, track trends, figure out the best time to sell items, buy items, and the suite that you can download with it has several useful addons as well.

Squinex is a new one for me. This little addon changes the shape of your mini-map. It allows you to move the mini-map, to further customize your UI.

Postman, or one of many other mail mods, helps you organize your mail box. You can open just AH related mail, it auto-fills friends and guildies names when typing in who to send it too, its very handy when you are sending atredvreenoogix some mail….everyone knows someone like this…and hates sending him mail and whispers.

My newest addon…I’m almost ashamed to mention this one…is bejeweled. I have it for flying, mostly because I’m doing the trick or treating on some of my toons for quick easy lvling. I can play and goof while questing. It takes time flying between all of those FP’s!

Okay, all of these addons can be found at When you go to download these mods, I recommend using the manual installer, as it doesn’t add anything extra to your computer, and I’m also a worry-wart, so I can scan everything via my virus protector before I extract the files. When you click install, you will get the option to save, open, or cancel. Always choose open. Once the files are downloaded, the box will pop up. At this point, click extract all files.  Do not auto extract to the place they want too, make this easier on yourself. click browse, my computer, C:, program files, world of warcraft, interface, then addons. This will make sure it is placing the files where they need to be to work in the game. Click Ok, then you are good to go.

Launch World of Warcraft, put in your account info, then on the character selection screen you will see a button in the lower left hand corner of the screen that says addons. Click that and you will be able to view what addons you want to enable for each toon.

There you have it. Once you get in game, you will have some work to do to set up the addons to your liking. I hope this was helpful. Look for a run down of bartender coming in the next few days. This addon is a bit of a tricky one for beginning users. Until then, have fun playing with your mods!

~Uncle Sy


3 Responses to “Add-On Goodness”

  1. Does bartender make keybinding easier? Because whenever I’m adding a new keybind I feel like it’s all guesswork on my part figuring out what is what…
    Cartographer/QuestHelper are a lifesaver for a noob questing by themselves…
    I installed AH a few weeks ago but I don’t really understand how it is supposed to work – it told me to vendor primal mana and I was thinking “uh no” and AH’d it for 5g…

  2. Bartender 4 does make keybinding much easier.

    In fact, you enter the keybinding mode and mouse over the button, push your key(s) and wam, bam…err..yeah you are done.

  3. @ Sid, keybinding, as Pie has stated, is as easy as, well, pie! and for the AH, have you been scanning the auction house everyday for at least 2 weeks to get a good feel for the market? If not, then yeah, it can give you some totally bogus results at times!

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