Random Ramblings and Leveling in Outlands after 3.0.2

The last patch has changed so much about the game.  Everyone knows, of course.  In fact, things have changed so much, I’m pretty sure people who haven’t played the game have come back.  I mean, there were server queues last night.  That’s the first time I’ve seen queues in over a year, and the first time I’ve ever seen them on Cenarion Circle.  Now the queues may have just been something put in place by Blizz to make the servers more stable, but either way, its definitely a symptom of the new world (of warcraft) that we now know.

Since the patch hit, I’ve been working on many things.  I’ve done some achievements, a few dailies, leveled a pet from 65 to 70, leveled some trip-xp lowbies up to 60 and partook, partaked, partoken, in the Hollow’s End events.  But this past week, I’ve been leveling in Outlands.  Why?  Well cause I’ve only got 3 70s, and I’m a bit of a massochist.  No, the real reason is that I want to change my main for Wrath.  An expansion is the perfect time to do this.  Unlike during BC, when I decided to switch from my Mage to my Hunter, this time, I will have a fresh focus right from the start.  The problem with the last switch was that I had done some stuff on my Mage, then I started doing some stuff on my Hunter.  The lack of a coherent focus on one of those toons for a prolonged period of time means they both ended up doing the same stuff, are in fairly comparable gear, and yet neither of them has really made it all that far in the end game.  Fikkle still hasn’t finished his Spellfire set.  Grim hasn’t managed to level his leatherworking past 365.  I’ve done ZA and Mags exactly one time, and yet both have pretty much farmed Kara for badges, while wearing S2 Arena gear (bought mostly with honor).

The change from these two, as my Main and primary alt to my Shaman / Warlock isn’t going to be an easy one.  I’ve learned to play my Mage extremely proficiently, seeing as how he is the toon that has the most /played time.  If I remember correctly it took me about 8 months to go from 1-70 on him, while I did the same thing on Grim in 5 months.  My Sham/Lock combo will have achieved the same thing in under 3 months.  But the Hunter has been something I’ve read extensively on, learned the theorycrafting behind, and poured much of my recent time into.  But all the same, I want to learn more about this game, and I’ve had a lot of fun with the Shaman and the Warlock. 

I’ve dual-boxed with the Warlock from level 1 to 66 (where they are currently at), and the Shaman has been basically a follow character.  I did level one Shaman from 1-30 first, but since then, I’ve taken both characters into BGs, learned the nuances to each class and have come to really enjoy both of them.  My plan for level 80 and Wrath is to Raid with the Shaman and PvP with the Warlock.  Will that be the ‘best’ option for my time?  Maybe, maybe not, but that’s the plan. 

In the meantime, I’ve had some experiences getting 6 levels in the last week, while also finding the time for arenas, kara, headless horseman runs, lowbie leveling, hallow’s end stuff, achievements and the scourge invasion.  So what is the new leveling like?

Well its pretty easy, if I do say so myself.  First of all, having a healy class as a follow character for a warlock means only having to sit down and drink about once every half an hour if I really push the grinding.  Even then, its usually only the shaman who needs more mana to provide heals.  Granted, he’s specced enhancement and is still healing just fine, but its very rarely I run into a problem.  Due to the Warlock’s Dreadsteed quest and the Hallow’s End Candy buckets, my toons were basically at level 61 when I started questing.  I did HFP until they ding’d 62 and only did some of the quests in Thrallmar and some in Spinebreaker.  Skipped Falcon Watch altogether.  In Zangarmarsh, they ding’d 63, doing a few quests in Swamprat Post and then a few more out of Zabra’jin and they moved on to Terokkar.  Originally, I was going to have them join up with my Pally who’s been at 63 for a few weeks, but I decided to just push on the two of them.  They did some quests in Terokkar out of the Horde camp, a few in the Bone Wastes and after hitting 64, moved on to Nagrand. 

Now despite everyone’s loathing of the Nesingwary quests and Nagrand in general, it is my favorite all-around zone in the game and I usually do just about every quest I can here before moving on.  This time, I decided to stay until level 66.  I did all of the quests out of Garadar, Nesingwary Safari and the Throne of Elements up until the Latressor of the Blade chain.  Did two of those and both characters had hit 66.  I figured it’d be best to move on to Blade’s Edge as they were having no problems completing quests and the higher level quests would grant better xp.

So the reduced xp is real.  It is enough to make a difference over the long run, although you don’t really notice it until you’ve ding’d past a zone’s recommended level and you know you haven’t done as many quests as you used to need to do.  I’m not sure whether the dual-boxing has influenced the speed of completion, but I suspect it has.  If you were solo’ing, I still think it would go fairly quickly.

I think the 60-70 leveling changes are a positive all around.  Prior to 3.0.2, hitting 60 was like hitting a brick wall in terms of speed, and I often found myself dreading the grind after 60.  The changes bring the feel more in line with the changes way back in patch 2.3, and now, the transition from 20-60 xp to 60-70 xp feels much more natural, especially on the fourth and fifth time through the same content.

So hopefully, by the weekend, I’ll have two more 70’s kickin it end game style.  If so, I may be bringing my shaman to our Kara destruction run and get him a few epics to go with the 2 he picked up from the Scourge last night, and the other two he bought from the vendor today!  Woot!  Thanks again to Pie!  You rock man.  No seriously.  All that stuff Sylus said about you ain’t true.  ((This I typed before I read the comments from the last post, rofl)).

 Oh by the way, I kan haz 3 wulfz!


— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you.


5 Responses to “Random Ramblings and Leveling in Outlands after 3.0.2”

  1. I got confused. Which character is your main now?

  2. I guess I never really stated that clearly, did I? Well the title is Random Ramblings, by Fikkle… I don’t know what you were expecting, but…

    Anywho, the Shaman is going to be my Main for Raiding, while the Warlock is going to be my main for PvP.

    As a true altaholic, I never really have ‘only one main’.


  3. I don’t know… maybe it’s my bias… but I think you should keep your hunter as your main… I all the other “lower” classes as BRK puts it. Although I’m having a lot of fun with my druid too.


  4. Well there’s a bunch of reasons, which includes the fact that we have 3 other people who play hunters as there main. I’ve got 5 options of who to level when wrath hits and I enjoy the Shaman. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the Hunter still, and he WILL get leveled (unlike the Mage, who’s a toss up at this point). But as far as going into raids and stuff, having 4 hunters isn’t necesarily going to be the best mojo for the raid.

  5. 4 hunters and a shaman. Score.

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