Beast Master Withdrawls!

First, let me preface this post with something. I am totally loving my survival spec. I am doing very well on the DPS having fun trapping, my crit is through the roof, my attack power has never seen numbers this high, and with a tank pet at lvl 65, he can hold aggro most of the time. With my big lvl 70 Kittie, holy crap things die fast! He tears up the place!

Now, with that out of the way, I am longing for the big beast pets of the exotic kind! I’ve got a wasp sitting in my stables, lvl 66, who will be going to 70, a gorilla that is still 65, he’s lazy and sluggish to get up in the mornings, so no lvl loving fro him yet. Then I have my two headed carrion bird, SpotandDot. He’s lvl 65 still, as he also suffers from the laziness. My plan tonight is to get out and lvl those guys. Hit up the Nagrand and skin, skin, skin.

Back to the subject at hand, I get off track easily, all of these little bunny trails to wonder down! I want some huge massive ginormous pets! I want to go out and pick up a devilsaur, like every other hunter, go pick up a chimaera, a core hound, a moth….wait, well, not really a moth…or a worm, but you get the idea, I miss my big red animals! I miss unleashing their fury all over the place.  If I go BM, I loose all of the sweet survival abilities I have come to love, unending traps, explosive shot(although not as awesome as it could be, still fun none the less), crit out the wazoo, some nice bonuses to attack power when my pet crits, not to mention my mana regin ability that parties love(Survival Hunters: Wow’s new mana batteries).

So, What will I do??? I guess I’ll stay survival for a while, until Blizzard imp laments the two build system they were talking about at Blizzcon. Then I can have my crit, and big pets too!



One Response to “Beast Master Withdrawls!”

  1. I spell HORRIBAD

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