Hunter Review Part 1: Pets’o’Plenty

I think I have found the single greatest name for a pet-tank EVAR!  Unfortunately, someone else named it, I just stumbled upon it.  If you haven’t seen it yet, head on over to Snake in the Grass and say hello to Frank the Tank.  Please no feeding the pets, unless its pallies, you can feed Frank those.  I swear, Lactic Acid said so.  Just don’t pet him, wouldn’t want to catch the, err, well you know, plague.  Oh, and I hear he likes to go streaking up the Drag to the gymnasium.

Anyways, I posted a few weeks back my top 6 pets for WOTLK (using 1 for leveling, then abandoning it and picking up another at 80), but since then, things have changed and I’ve decided on different pets!  Go figure, I mean, I am called Fikkle after all.  Anyways, not all have changed, but here are the new choices (of the moment): 

1. Devilsaur (Ferocity)*: He’s still my king pin number one choice for a pet.  Besides the reasons that I mentioned on TNB #14, the Monstrous Bite talent is looking like it will scale very nicely but on top of that, Blizz has announced that they are going to be buffing Exotic pets to give them an extra 10% dps.  As the Devilsaur is what I was planning on using for Raiding, this min/max is what I’m after and that extra 10% is going to be extremely nice. 

2. Rhino (Tenacity)*: This is my ‘fun’ choice for a pet.  Rhino bowling looks like it is absolutely one of the funnest and coolest things in the game, and I can’t wait to try it out.  Aside from that, the Rhino is huuuge, and who doesn’t love a massive Big Red Rhino?  The last reason is for bridges and flags in BGs.  Can’t wait to send people flying off the choke point in AV or mid-field in EotS and it’ll be a great way to get 8+ flag cappers all away from the flag at the same time… Talk about relief for the relief hut!  Not to mention, being tenacity, he’ll likely stand up to a lot more punishment. 

3. Bear (Tenacity)*: If I need a pet to tank for anything, this is going to be my choice.  I’ve already settled on a skin that I like (the white one from Winterspring) and picked him up.  Frostpaw is his name and he’ll be what I use when I need single target tanking.  I’ve also noticed that Blizz modified the animations for the bear a bit so that their mouths are no longer in a perma grin, but now remain closed and open and shut as the bear moves in place.  Very nice and much more realistic looking.

4. Gorilla (Tenacity)*: I went and tamed Uhk’loc, the rare white gorilla from Un’goro about a week ago in anticipation of the extra stable slots.  Seeing as how awesome the AoE viability of a Gorilladin is, this will be my AoE pet.   


5. Wolf (Ferocity)*: This is going to be my leveling pet.  Seeing as how we’re planning the 5HPoA, I’m bringing the wolf for Furious Howl.  I’ll likely be ‘sending him to the farm’ at 80 in order to pick up a pvp pet. 


6. Bird of Prey (Cunning)*: This is going to be my pvp pet.  Having looked over some abilities many other classes are getting, there seems to be a trend that most classes are getting some sort of ability to remove movement impairing effects, making the Hyena’s tendon rip a bit underpowered with the long cooldown it will have.  Instead, I’m going to try out the Bird o Prey for its snatch ability.  I’m loving the idea of being able to grab that big two handed weapon out of the main hand of those darn fury warriors.  Depending on how this feels in pvp at level 80, this will be one pet that gets reviewed for its viability when the time comes.  The other possibility for me will be the anti-caster Core Hound of Doom! 

*All images from Petopia.


So I specced Grim when 3.0.2 went live in order to go get a Core Hound and romp around Org, shaking everyone’s screens and watch the plethora of tells from people who had no idea about anything about the patch, scroll across my screen.  Unfortunately, I missed some key talents due to my haste (read: Gozzishness) and now I’m regretting it.  So I decided to do a review of all the talents in depth and when satisfied, Grim got a respec.  I decided on a 51/10/0 spec for 70, going to a 51/20/0 spec for 80.  Call me plain, its what I know, its what I like.  The analysis and discussion of why I chose the talents is coming soon in part 2, hopefully to include the spec for my Devilsaur as well.

— Fikkle 

May the Horde be with you.


5 Responses to “Hunter Review Part 1: Pets’o’Plenty”

  1. Lactic Acid Says:

    I find Frank’s scabby little head endearing 🙂

    That’s a damn good pet lineup too – nice work.

  2. @ Lactic Acid – Hey thanks, I’ve been really looking forward to the pet revamp and picking the ones I wanted was the hardest part. I’m really digging my choices and I can’t wait for Wrath to pick up the Rhino to go with the ones I’ve already got.

    — Fikkle

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  4. You got a thing about white pets, don’t ya? *grin*

  5. @ Corbenn – Yes, I do… Its sorta Grim’s thing. He had a white owl for a while when he got to Winterspring, and then he had the white-ish-est boar he could find. I also tried to level a Snow Leopard for a while before 3.0.2 but gave up as I decided it would be better to /wrists than finish. 😉

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