Not Enough Time in a Day…

I have had very little time to play this past week. I’ve finally settled Abadon’s talents for the moment, have my cat spec’d and respec’d a few times, and now I need to get my lvl 65 pets up to 70 asap. Whew. Not to mention Syllus, Gozra, Illwynd, Errebus, and every other alt I have out there…. I have work to do. Then there is this whole achievments thing…HOLY CRAP! This could be a problem with my midterms coming early next week…Hopefully I can get to playing more next week! I’ve got my fingers crossed! Until then, Stay classy Azeroth, and don’t forget to mark your calendars for Nov 12th, 10pm to midnight pre release outside the gamestop at Pittsburg.



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