And Fikkle Lives Up To His Name…

So posting has been a bit slow over the last couple days as I’ve been in game speccing all of my alts, which sucks having to build that many talent specs from the ground up.  So far, the only ones I haven’t screwed up are my Hunter spec and my lowbie (level 16s) specs.  I haven’t done Fikkle’s yet as he’s barely even been logged in.  I didn’t do hardly any research on Mages on the PTR, so I had no clue about the changes to their talents and abilities and spells and such.  So I took the time to go and read up on them at Critical QQ.

By the way, if you want to get some Magey goodness, and laugh your butt off in the process, that’s the place to go.  A quick little sample, if you will:

“We PvP’ers have a word for casting 3 second long spells, and that word is ‘suicide’.” – Euripides

Pretty much anything he posts makes me laugh a great deal.  As a bit of a confession, I’ve been back on the mage in the past few weeks.  I decided it was time to get Fikkle decked out in some armor that actually looked good, and it just so happens that I absolutely love the way the Merciless set looks on him.  He’s a BElf, he needs his damn accessories.

Anyways, I pvp’d the crap out of him last week, picking him up the S2 Chest and Helm.  He still needs the shoulders and legs, but I’m likely only gonna bother with the shoulders before Wrath hits since you can’t
‘see’ the pants.  I’m not sure whether I’m going to be interested in leveling him to 80 anytime soon after the patch hits, so he may stay at 70 for quite a while.  Even if I do, he’ll likely not be more than a teleporter, disenchanter and a vending machine.  Such is his role in life.  Anyways, I’ll get a screenshot up in the next week or two after he gets his new shoulders.  Not that any of you haven’t seen the Merciless set on a BElf Mage or anything, but just for fun.

As far as leveling in WOTLKEE, I wrote a few days back about how we’re planning to do the 5HPoA.  Pie will be the Hunter-Tank, Nim will be the MM, Aba is considering being the Survivalist and Vrug and myself will likely be the BM dps’ers.  Since I’d like to keep my hunter with that group, I’m going to need another toon to get to 80 when we’re not all on together, and seeing as I’m taking two weeks off after the expansion hits, I’ll have plenty of time to level.  To that end, I’ve thought a lot about what my choices are.  I could go with Fikkle, and thus, my first 60 and 70 toon would also be my first 80 toon, but to be honest, I’m not really all that interested in playing the Mage class anymore, despite the fact that I still read up on it on occasion.  As for the Druid, well I’m sorry to all the shifty flora and fauna out there, but I’m not really feelin the Druid anymore.  Will I ever level him to 80? Probably.  Will it happen anytime soon?  Nope.  So those are my 3 70’s (counting the hunter, obviously), so what’s left?

Well I have some other toons in their 60’s that I’ve been really enjoying lately, and with the recent changes to leveling from 60-70 I should be able to get them to 70 before Wrath hits.  First, there is my lock, who leveled Demo and now has the demon form (because I’m fickle and it looks cool… huh, c wut I did thar?).  As far as level 80 aspiriations for the lock, I don’t care to do any raiding, but I do want to do pvp with the lock.  Since my lock is fairly new, I don’t have honor or marks saved up and I’ll need to get to 80 quick to keep up with the Joneseses, or something like that.

Second, there is (one) of my Shammies.  Currently, I’m planning to level my Enh Shammy first.  Likely though, with the talent reset, I’m going to spec him resto, make him my lock’s follow toon and dual-box them to 70. When he hits 70, however, he’ll be going Enhance again.  While I haven’t had a ton of experience playing the shaman, and to be fairly honest, I could use a lot, this would be a good way to get it.  My Shammies were both leveled to 60 without doing much.  (One was a follow toon for the lock, the other was granted levels from 30-60).  So I need to learn how to play the enhance shammy.  Luckily for me, the changes that came along with patch 3.0.2 have made the class somewhat different, and so I won’t have to unlearn anything really to learn the new stuff.  That being said, when he hits 70, I’ll likely walk myself into the nearest BG and spend as many hours as I can (stand) getting my helm handed to me to find out how to play one.

I also have a pally and a priest around level 60, but neither are all that enticing to me to want to play them.  So the toss up for me is not going to be which toon to get to 80, but in what order will I get all of my toons to 80.  I’m currently leaning heavily toward my shammy, but depending on how fun the lock is to play between 70 and 80 with the new demonform, I may change my mind.  Well, wish me luck getting numbers 4 and 5 to 70.  Oh, and if you have an opinion about which I should choose (lock or shammy) and why, please feel free to convince me to play one!  There could be a reward…


— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you!


6 Responses to “And Fikkle Lives Up To His Name…”

  1. The battlegrounds are a nut house. All the classes right now are being balanced around being level 80, so there’s things like relentlessly overpowered shamans and invincible mages running around.

    Be prepared for “WTF JUST HAPPENED” if you try out PvP.

  2. While I’m not necessarily going to look forward to those moments, it wouldn’t be the first time I uttered them in pvp. And since Fikkle needs more honor, he’ll be delving into the fray.

    Great review of the mage talents btw, it helped a lot when working out Fikkle’s new build. I went with a 0/5/56 Frost pvp build.

  3. Delete everything except the hunter. Roll with a monkey. Monkah love!

  4. Yeah, my pvp experience, is thusfar, some world pvp, and 3 battelgrounds. I did 2 AV’s where everyone rushed Van, and BURNED him down super fast. The WSG sucked. It was 4 druids, 2 mages, and 4 warriors….It was sad. They PWND everyone, we couldn’t touch the flag carriers, and were destroyed everytime we tried….I gave up and went to bed! (( That was when I was super frustrated, and was like, “I’m out, night guys” on vent last night)) So, maybe a bit more pvp, I still want Aba’s helmet… not cause I like how it looks, but the stats are nice! I’ll be around later this evening, and in between classes today, maybe I’ll catch you all then!

  5. Misspent points…I snuck out of work early on Wednesday to go home and play and I spent my talent points…without doing any research…and probably misspent a whole bunch. But since when I hit 70 (more than 1/2-way through 68 now!) I’m just going to respec Affliction, it doesn’t really matter. Something is bugged with my metamorph though, the spell is not showing up in my spell book despite the talent point being there in my talents section. Once I hit 70 I’ll continue duel-logging my shadow priest/fire mage combo (they are the fun to play) – and now I have two 22″ monitors so I can officially be a wowdork.

    So you don’t want to make your pally ret and murdersauce everything? There is so much chat complaining about how OP they are right now it’s hard not to laugh – since normally people are like “ugh, lock, OP!”

  6. @ Sydney – That was me saying “ugh, lock, OP! Nerf! Q.Q! Anyways, as far as metamorphosis goes, it doesn’t go on your action bars because the ability is put above them much like the druid forms, the warrior stances, etc. Have a look, should be there. I was trying it out on my 60 lock the other day and jumping up and down so the wings would flap. I don’t even care if it is the worst spec evar, I love being a demon!

    As far as the pally goes, I may level him ret, but the whole point of the pally was to be my tank. I have a ton of dps classes and specifically leveled a druid to heal and a pally to tank. Obviously, I could switch those around if I wanted to, but I’d have to do much more research into which will be more beneficial for each.

    Thanks for the comment!


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